Taco "Frijole" 1969 style frame


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Taco "Frijole" 1969 and newer frame

This build thread is for a later style frijole that I recently found. These are very simple style bikes and the fact that this frame showed up practically perfect will make it even easier to fix up.. when I found it, it didn't have the correct rear wheel or an engine. But I used a wheel and engine I have to mock it up for these pics..

All I need to do is clean up the parts and paint it.. then just buy a seat and a couple of small parts, then it should be ready to go.. I already got the frame sand blasted so it's already on its way through the process :thumbsup: .I figured posting this and the Barris bike at the same time will keep me motivated to finish them soon, but we will see about that:laugh:

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Looking forward to watching this build as well Dan. :thumbsup: Is that blue the original color? Or did Frijoles only come in purple?


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Wow another great bike...you're on a roll Dan.
Dang, another cool one. :thumbsup:
Looks great:thumbsup: My favorite bike:thumbsup:
Lookin good Dan-e
Cool, another Dan build.:thumbsup:
Super Nice .:thumbsup: I Love Those Bikes !!!
Thanks Everyone! I knew if I posted it I would get hyped up to work on it:thumbsup:

You sure you dont want to sell that to me?
I already asked him if he wanted to trade that for a Caper.
Sorry guys, this one is not for sale:smile:

Nice bike. Here is the 1 I did a few years ago.
Peekster, that is one that I check out for inspiration, thanks for sharing!

Looking forward to watching this build as well Dan. :thumbsup: Is that blue the original color? Or did Frijoles only come in purple?
Well, I think it might be because I have seen pics of bikes that I'm pretty sure are originally this blue, but if you go by the ads then the Frijoles were sold as bare metal kits. (I don't trust ads myself because there are alot of mistakes that have been found). The blue looks better in the pics so I didn't want to get a match off of it.. there was no trace of purple on it.. but I will be going with purple for this one..:thumbsup:
Hey Peek, On my "Falso Frijole" (faker!) the spark plug of my 3hp hits that top bar like it appears yours almost does. Danny's appears to have room. Is the motor/motor plate offset just enough to clear that bar to the right? Do you have a picture of that offset to from the back perhaps? That is really beautiful! I love these bikes but would NEVER find an original here in Michigan I don't believe. :biggrin::thumbsup:


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Nice bike Dan! Looks nice and straight too.

Hey Bill, I think I remember some other Taco models were painted that nice blue color too?



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frijole paint. ive seen these bikes bare, purple and azure blue.
Thanks Bill! I guess it also depended on how much cash you had at the time.. this ad here says the complete kit with engine package came in ocean blue baked enamel paint. There are a few pics I've seen that look original and were purple. I personally like the purple over the blue and have purple to match my other bikes so that's where I'm going with it..