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    Need help troubleshooting a problem

    if it has the stock motor then that's your problem. 260 lbs is over twice the recommended limit for that poor mini. if youre going to make the bike for kids, keep that motor on and put a jack shaft kit on it. it will work great. if you are going to be riding that mini, take off that motor and...
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    predator problem with pic

    Oh no. So if that lever is connected to governor, that explains wide open throttle on starting. Sounds like the case has to opened to fix it?? I hope someone can confirm this. If that is the case and I have to open up engine, I might as well get rid of governor and put in new flywheel, eh...
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    predator problem with pic

    Hi all. I tried to search for this problem but couldn't find anything. the lever in the pic with the red arrow use to move back and forth very easily. I would move it back and it would return to it original position. now it does not return to its original position AND the whole lever moves...
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    How to seat a flattened tire

    hi. just wondering what tube for stock rims. better with straight valve or bent?
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    Hydraulic brake issue

    Thanks for the easy fix. Something else must be at woek here though. Both brake failures have been on the badger100. My db30 hasn't had any problems. This badger 100 must have a warped disc or somehow is overheating. I ride both bikes the same way...either WOT or nothing.... TT
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    Hydraulic brake issue

    i have had two of these hydro brakes and have the same problem with both of them. the bottom rubber piece that floats the pads comes off. promod doesnt sell parts, just complete units. any idea on how i can fix this?? thanks tt
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    Why Doodlebug?

    the doodle is the perfect beginner bike to introduce kids to two wheels. and that stock motor isnt crap. if you search around, the stock motor generally runs fine and has a decent long life if you take care of it. it is the stock gearing that is crap. once u regear or jack shaft the stock motor...
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    My cooler puller pit car

    completely the coolest thing ive seen in awhile. looking at what you do inspires me to learn more about this cool hobby i have found so late in life. TTS
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    can a chain b to tight?

    if you have a doodlebug, search for chain tensioner. put one on. takes care of all your problems. TTS
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    Make doodle bug street legal

    dbugs come from manufacturer specifically designed for off road use only. 99.9 % sure you cant make them street legal. search for more info. TTS
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    Adding shocks

    i have a badger 100 with a predator, rejetted and uni filter. so much better ride than a doodlebog. however, if you go with the badger, you absolutely have to do some reinforcement of swingarm. making frame longer would be nice cause predator barelys fits in frame and i had to remove rear...
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    I need a bolt on header/muffler

    rodmini, what is your thread named? gumpit, looks like a regular clone. all information in pics seem like a honda clone. lots of options for clone header. might have to buy do it yourself kit from OldMiniBikes and get to work. engine looks pretty cool. it would be nice to have electric start. and...
  13. ttsquirrel a 6.5

    got mine at hobbytown usa in fresno. they sold a set and individually but were out of the set. i bought the bits individually for .89 each. they may have the bits online. also found the bits at a local ag store but they were 3X as expensive. you dont need the whole set. i bought from 61-80...
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    Who has the best governed clone?

    just a bump to the top because there still isnt an answer to the original question. i like to keep my gov in also. i have a old greyhound and a new predator. greyhound is stock. predator has drilled out main jet and uni filter. predator has way more low end power, however, top end seems to be...
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    Help please.

    thanks for the info. mine is kinda of stiff. TTS