Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. bowhunt4life

    Allis Chalmers Trail Bike Parts Needed (Gilson)

    Recently picked up this Allis Chalmers bike from a Honda Dealership (been sitting 30 years). I'd like to bring this bike back to life. Need help with a few parts as I am a rookie with mini bikes. 1. Front and Rear plastic fenders 2. Tecumseh throttle linkage 3. Big block Tecumseh H50 4...
  2. bowhunt4life

    Allis Chalmers Bike

    Hey everyone, Chris in WI here. Secured this bike from an old dealer thru a friend of mine. Needs some love but looks pretty complete. Will need a front tire/rim, torque converter for engine, toggle switch, throttle linkage and engine. I have a NOS HS40 on the shelf. Hope to get it back and...
  3. mainsalad

    jack shaft wanted for 1970's allis chalmers trail 5

    I'm looking for a jack shaft for a 1970's allis chalmers trail 5..the one without the headlight. with the driven clutch and centrifugal clutch a plus. thanks for your time.
  4. james ackerman

    What's the diff between a gilson and allis chalmers.

    What was the difference between a gilson and a allis chalmers bike? They look the same. Was it just the decal set or were there different variants between each bike.
  5. bowhunt4life

    WTB Allis Chalmers/Gilson Engine and Parts

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the minibike world and am trying to resurrect and Allis Chalmers (Gilson made) bike for my youngest daughter. I am an avid allis chalmers garden tractor guy so these bikes appeal to me. I am in need of the following and need guidance as to sources for what I am...
  6. bowhunt4life

    Allis Chalmers(Gilson)Bike Questions

    I recently grabbed an Allis Chalmers (Gilson made) smaller bike for my youngest daughter. I am new to the minibike world as I am an avid Allis Chalmers garden tractor enthusiast. I have a few questions about how to resurrect this little guy. The smaller bike appears to be missing the...
  7. capguncowboy

    NOS Speaker Taillight lenses (Gilson, Allis Chalmers, Montgomery Ward)

    NOS taillight lenses for Gilson bikes. I have 12 total available. I'll do $17 shipped for one, and $15 for any additional lenses (2=32, 3=47 and so-on). I also have these listed up on Ebay for a slightly higher price. Some of these have some shelf wear from years of storage, but none of them...
  8. Gilson/Ward/Allis chamers

    Gilson/Ward/Allis chamers

    Seat re-pop
  9. Gilson/Ward/Allis chamers

    Gilson/Ward/Allis chamers

    Gilson seat
  10. N

    Wtb allis chalmers mini bike

    I'm looking to buy an Allis Chalmers mini bike. Looking for the deluxe model with headlight taillight and torque converter. I grew up with one of these and would like to find another one. If it needs some work, that is fine. Please let me know if anybody has anything out there for sale.
  11. O

    Where to buy General Appliance Decals??

    When I was removing the spray paint from my minibike I found decals on the frame and fenders but Im not sure what color.. anyway Im trying to buy new decals but I cant find any. Orange and black would be awesome but I might paint the bike again to match the decals. The bike was green from the...
  12. A

    wanted allis / gilson mini bike parts

    I am looking for a jack shaft and 2nd clutch for a allis tail 5 mini bike, also looking for the belt guard and the smaller chain guard. please send me a message if you have any parts to sell. thanks luke
  13. A

    Allis chalmers trail 5 mini bike for sale

    I have an allis chalmers trail 5 mini bike for sale, this is the model with the bigger spoke wheels on it. This bike will need to be restored, missing the jack shaft,2nd clutch, belt guard and sprocket on rear wheel. Seat will also need to be redone. motor does turn over, I have not tried to...
  14. R

    Allis chambers clutch cover wanted !

    Just as the title says I realize there hard to find Allis Chambers Clutch Cover. Cash or Trade what ever you prefer PM's only please. Robertt8883
  15. bigrob

    1/3 scale Allis Chalmers tractor

    Hey everone it has been a bit since I have started a project Life gets complicated at times lol I have started building a 1/3 scale farm tractor based on a 1950's allis chalmers model b I have been taking a few pictures as I go and will post them as soon as I get my new laptop ( have...
  16. slywilliez

    Gilson Allis chalmers Fender

    Up for sale is a Gilson / Allis Chalmers fender for or rear. The chrome is decent for a survivor. 40 bucks
  17. f150tilt

    How far have you gone for that hard to find part?

    I just got back from driving 430 miles round trip through two big cities in the snow for an exhaust pipe, shield and some other parts. Even made a stop on the way to trade a Cheeftah roller for some Taco and Bonanza parts. This was the last piece needed to complete the restoration of the Allis...
  18. Gilson/Wards in Progress

    Gilson/Wards in Progress

    Here are some before and mid-stream restorations of my gilson/wards project.
  19. Gilson/Wards in Progress

    Gilson/Wards in Progress

    Here are some before and mid-stream restorations of my gilson/wards project.