1. MiniBixe

    Longer bolt for Rear Axle on Bt200x

    Hello, I welded up a rear rack for the Coleman yesterday, and the rear axle bolt (obviously) is too short. I could buy a $45 bolt from the Coleman Rack, but i don't want to spend over $20. I checked McMaster-Carr, Grainger, Amazon, Lowes, and some other companies for a 5/8 x 14 inch bolt, but i...
  2. BruceTheCat

    How long should shaft bolt for predator 212 be ?

    Hey there Im rebuilding my mini bike and I have a torque converter and I lost the bolt that goes into the engine shaft. know that the bolt is a 5/16 24 but i don't know how long it should be for a torque converter set up. Does anyone know?
  3. Mrknobblies

    Anyone know where to find this pinch bolt?

    I'm looking for the pinch bolt with the c-clip that holds the throttle cable onto the throttle arm. Anyone know where to get one? I've got a linkage kit however I'm missing this part. Thanks!
  4. R

    Bolt for steering stem

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a M10x1.5x200mm bolt. I currently have a 170mm bolt on my steering stem. And long story short, I need a 200mm one. (current bolt is about 6 7/8 long, I can make 7 3/4 work) I was wondering if anyone knew where to get one, or even better; if...
  5. Daniel Coop

    R.I.P. OG 5 bolt Grayhound

    What happens when your camshaft is capable of turning higher RPM's than your stock rod is willing to. CL3 peaced out my Grayhound. Surprisingly, with little warning outside a loss of power followed by a slight rattling noise. RIP little guy. Some of your reusable parts will become​ donors...
  6. Oldschoolcool

    What is the standard crankshaft bolt size for a clutch?

    Is 5/16-24 the standard bolt size on the crankshaft to retain a centrifugal clutch? Thanks!
  7. F

    Taping threads for a crank end bolt

    I'm going to install an end bolt in a 3hp Briggs to retain the clutch...The existing hole is not tapped... I'm seeing online that 5/16 x 24 is standard for clones...Any suggestions for the smaller 3hp crank....What size drill bit for the correct tap size.. Building a standard Taco 22...... 60's...
  8. R

    Wanted: Bolt on Grasshopper Handlebars

    Looking for original early bolt on Ruttman Grasshopper handlebars, or something as close to it as possible. They look just like the bars on the one piece Grasshopper fork/bars, very turned down chopper looking. Taking a longshot before I have them made, ya never know.

    8" golf cart wheels 4 on 4" bolt circle

    Are these wheels popular with anyone besides golfers?
  10. markus

    recoil bolt up on West Bend and engine mount ???

    Ran into a potential issue while putting a west bend together, I had the late model shroud with the widefoorprint recoil on it previously and decided to retrofit it with the more appropriate shroud. The fairbanks recoil mount holes are larger than the threaded inserts on the shroud, I made some...
  11. markus

    2.75" bolt circle 3 or 6 bolt sprocket?

    I am wanting to set up a few sets of Tri-star wheels that are 4" with some sprockets to run on small bikes. They are 3 bolt, Spacing appears to be 2.75" bolt circle so I am looking for a 3 or 6 bolt pattern. If I read right its possible the universal sprockets with the slotted holes might get...
  12. Joe-405

    Go Powersports Bolt On 40 Series tav kit

    Sold the bike as a roller so I'm not needing this anymore. Go Powersports 40 series bolt on kit. Backplate belt 3 sprockets 10,12,14 420 chain Driven pulley Custom abs belt cover and mount Will come with some random setup stuff for a 44c also Needs a new 40 series driver $200 shipped...
  13. CarPlayLB

    Why does it take 4 hours to bolt on a kickstand?

    Yuup! that is right! 4 hours to bolt on a kickstand! I bought a bicycle kickstand at the swap for $5...I knew I'd use it one day! My Gilson build had the metal perches welded in for a bicycle kickstand, so here it is! The kickstand was too long so I had my buddy Randi at the 125cc garage do...
  14. Not so mini bike

    Fox thunder bolt gas tank.

    Like it says up there. Some speedway tanks are the same. Looks like delrays bike.
  15. Not so mini bike

    Fox thunder bolt roller / 14" bike roller

    Looking for something bigger than what I currently have. Looking for local pick up. Or if it's not too far I wouldn't mind taking a ride. Fox thunder bolt Desert fox Speed way Red Baron Whatever else is out there. Let me know. Not looking for a clean restored bike. Decent roller will do.
  16. B

    Broken exhaust bolt???

    Trying to get this exhaust bolt out without braking it off further. I've been hitting it with PB blaster for a day now and it won't budge, any ideas? Thanks
  17. C

    Baja 165 - Clutch Shaft Bolt Thread?

    Hi all, I am getting close to having the Baja 165 running around! Got some help recently and got the bike running. I am going to be putting the clutch on, but I am not exactly sure what the bolt threads are for the engine shaft that supports the clutch assembly? Some folks are saying...
  18. fistfullabar

    hs40 carb to engine manifold bolt size

    Lost mine need too buy some so i can find um. Anyone got the specs handy for thread and pitch manifold to engine bolts?
  19. N

    Rear frame bolt instead of welded?

    For some reason I cannot upload a picture. I am looking at mini and the looks like lower rear frame horizontal and verticals tubes are crimped then drilled and held together by the axle bolt. Does any one know what this is?
  20. Mark G

    Shoulder Bolt Help

    I'm in need of some shoulder bolts (also called a stripper bolt) for the lift carriage on my tractor. It's an older model that's no longer in business, so of course I can't go down to my local dealer and just pick some up. I tried looking through McMaster Carr and couldn't find my exact size, so...