1. manchester1

    Show us your vintage bolts !!!!!

    I thought there was a thread for all of the vintage bolts used on the mini bikes and what the markings stood for.:out: Well, I can't find it any place..............So, lets start one:laugh::laugh
  2. M

    Pmr adapter plate bolts torque specs

    I was tightening one of the bottom bolts on my pmr adapter plate and the bolt snapped because I tend to over tighten things now I have to see if I can new bolts from promod I was wondering is there a ft/lb torque that people torque the bolts to? Or do you just not over torque? Any info thank you
  3. Stephen115

    ARC/ARP Rod Bolts

    Which one is better and what is the price difference? and what size? For a honda clone STD Billet Rod. Thanks SJ
  4. iatemeself

    Promod motor mount plate bolts & nuts

    Hey i have a motor mount plate laying around, but i lost the flat head nuts and bolts that came with the kit, anyone know what size they are? :shrug:
  5. JamnJM

    Bolt torque website....

    I just did a search for torque of bolts that I'm using on a front drum brake system and thought I'd share it here: BOLTS AND TORQUE SPECS
  6. M

    Powell Rear Wheel BOLTS with Ridges

    I think there are Powell owners who want these; I have a large supply of NEW, not vintage, 3/8" - 24 X 1&3/16" bolts with Ridges! They are virtually identical to the original; the picture above is a chromed and painted original, below are the new ones! If you are a purist you...
  7. W

    5/8" Axle Bolts - Grade 8 or 5

    I prefer to go with Grade 8 but I'm having trouble finding zinc coated grade 8 bolts in the sizes I need. At they have 6", 7", 8", & 10". They skip over 9" and all 1/2" sizes in-between. Are 5/8" Grade 5 bolts strong enough to use for axle bolts?
  8. M

    H70 Head bolts

    Does anyone know if the head bolts are a high grade or are they just normal 5/16-18 type bolts?
  9. blkscorpion80

    Side cover bolts

    I want to stop by the hardware store after work to pick up some clone side cover bolts. Does anyone know the size bolts I need. Its the 4 holes in a square pattern surrounding the crank shaft. Thanks, Tim
  10. O

    HS-40 Head bolts

    I am trying to restore a rupp hs-40 engine. Does anyone know the diameter and size of the head bolts. It appears that 5 are the same size and 3 are a bit longer. I did not see a tecumseh part number for head bolts??
  11. R

    Wanted: 5-hp Briggs head bolts

    I need a set of cylinder head bolts for a 5-hp Briggs horizontal shaft engine. Let me know what you want and how I can pay, thanks!
  12. K


    den1s,mine looks like that so your not missing bolts.As to the chain if you have it to tight its a drag on the motor and the clutch and the bushing.The chain needs a little slack,not to much not to little.Oh and if you get the promod jackshaft the holes come in real handy.
  13. manco12

    Clutch backplate mounting bolts

    What size are the bolts I need to mount the clutch backplate or a TAV to the crankcase cover? One of the ones I have is completely stripped.
  14. creia

    HS50 exhaust port (flange) bolts

    Does any body know the diameter, thread, and length of the bolts used to secure the exhaust pipe flange to the head?:confused: Also, any advantage/disadvantage to using typical "hex" head vs. "allen" head bolts in this application?:confused: Thank you:scooter:
  15. B

    side cover bolts

    Any of you guys have this side cove problem on your big stroker motors. I've got this motor from Charles and maybe you can answer this. The bolts on the cove keep loosen up . I thighten them up after each race but I worried that even with the girdle I put on that the block will eventually weaken...
  16. nash1970

    Rod bolts

    What is the tourqe on rod bolts ? :shrug:
  17. 96-1500

    Engine mount bolts

    Hello I am new here an I am going to be getting a mini bike kit in the near future. I have no idea what bolts to mount the engine with. Hex bolt with lock nuts is my guess. The engine is a HF Honda clone. Thank you for the help!
  18. C

    Tilly bolt spacing...

    On the AGK website it says that their manifold will work on a 348f and a 304wx. Will it work on a 334wx?
  19. E

    Removing crank cover bolts for clutch cover

    I've got a brand new HF 6.5 clone and I want to install a chain guard bracket. Can I get away with removing the top two crank case bolts and re-torq without replacing a gasket? Thanks folks.
  20. Yellowhand

    NOS Axles and Fork Bolts

    I tore apart a pallet of boxed NOS Bird Engineering parts and found axles and fork bolts in the bottom layer of boxes... Axles are 6.5" or 8" long, zinc plated 5/8" fine thread with a lock nut... Fork bolts are 4" or 4.5" long, zinc plated 5/8" fine thread with a lock nut... I also...