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  2. bonanza_chopper_dragracer


  3. bonanza_chopper_seat_april_2018


  4. Bonanza


    This is a Bonanza Mini Bike 1970 model and sold for $179.00. Found it at a garage sale.
  5. Bonanza 1970

    Bonanza 1970

    This is the title for the Bonanza, check out the price. Some how the pictures are out of Sync.

    WTB Bonanza BC-1300 forks

    Picked up a Bonanza BC-1300 for my 2018 build off project. Its missing the forks. Just trying to get ahead of the curve and hope someone will take a little pity on me and help me find an original set of forks. I need a few other pieces but the forks are priority. Any and all help is very...
  7. 6

    Bonanza serial number badge

    What years of Bonanza mini bikes used the larger raised letter badge and what years used the smaller badge? Thanks.


    Bonanza AP-4600 SAE-M67 headlight
  9. slywilliez

    Bonanza scrub foot brake lever

    I am looking for a Bonanza scub foot brake lever. I need the version that is on the right side of the frame.
  10. markus

    Crazy bonanza chopper

    I would have loved to seen this back in its glory days!!! 1970,s chopper mini bike. | eBay
  11. jeep4me

    8" Bonanza wheel rear sprocket

    I'm in search of a decent used, original rear sprocket/brake setup for an 8" Bonanza MX wheel. I need the whole setup, sprocket, drum brake, Bendix arm, spacer, etc. I know I can buy new from OldMiniBikes, but I'm looking for original. Thanks for any help.
  12. H

    Wtb ....Bonanza hodaka chrome original exhaust any

    Mark 412-277-5803
  13. E

    New Super Bronc 2 and Bonanza owner

    Hi All, This is my first post, and it's been a fun week. I bought my kids a Bonanza mini bike from a neigbor, and today I picked up a Heald Super Bronc 2 VT-1040 for $350 off of craigslist. The Bonanza is pretty well fully restored from what I can tell. The Super Bronc, not so much. I'm...
  14. topnotch

    Bonanza 1510Mx finished!!!

    Here is the Bonanza 1510Mx completely restored every nut and bolt.
  15. bigevilone2

    1964 or 65 Bonanza find !

    It's kinda rough shape but I'm gonna try and find another fender and try to restore it. Need a long early seat also !
  16. H

    Wtb Orginal Bonanza chain guard

    Orginal Chrome chain guard. Bonanza ....412-277-5803. Mark
  17. A

    Bonanza MB200

    I'm "restoring" this Bonanza for my daughter to ride. Its an MB200 as far as I can tell, Her name is Scout so I thought it was fitting. Here is a few pictures of the progress to date. I found a couple of bad welds after wire wheeling so I got those welded up and primed it. I'll keep you guys...
  18. W

    Bonanza BC 1500 gas cap

    Does anybody know where I can find a replacement gas tank cap with gauge for a Bonanza Hodaka mini bike? Thanks Mark
  19. 5

    Bonanza bc 1300 parts

    Hey all i have picked up a bc1300 that is pretty much all there but needs lots of love i was able to free up the front forks and will be doing some metal work to the legs before i send them out to get chromed and this leads me to my issue the rear shocks at there and in ok shape but some one...
  20. Midyrman

    WTB: Bonanza Headlight

    Looking for a complete Bonanza headlamp for BC model. Thanks.