1. Dune Cycle

    Dune Cycle

  2. Steve73

    Dune cycle with foot pedals?

    Found myself as the new owner of a dune cycle, needs some work. One thing I've noticed is nobody has foot pedals. Did I get a Franken dune cycle? Lol..
  3. Midi cycle

    Midi cycle

  4. Tiger cycle

    Tiger cycle

    Tiger cycle
  5. O

    For Sale: Vintage Jacobsen 321 2 Cycle Engine Motor

    Vintage Jacobsen 321 Engine. Barn fresh! The 2 cycle engine is in good used condition. The engine has compression but is otherwise untested. A must have for the antique engine collector as well as the mini bike or go cart enthusiast! $85.00 Pick up ONLY! Located near...
  6. topnotch

    Coker classic trails cycle 14x6 tires.

    I'm looking for a set of Coker classic cycle 14x6 tires.
  7. W

    Sachs 80b 2 cycle engine wanted.

    Hello. Looking to buy a Sachs 80b 2 cycle engine and mounting plate for the Speedway Widow Maker. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou and Best.
  8. H

    pope cycle.
  9. J

    Caper Cycle

    After a lot of fun and enjoyment. It's time to pass my Caper Cycle on. :thumbsup: Vintage Caper Cycle Mini Bike FLEXO Rupp Bonanza Taco | eBay
  10. OND

    Tecumseh 3HP 2 Cycle Question ?

    OK so I bought this Tec. 3hp 2 cycle engine thinking It was a 5hp but Its not. Question is can this engine be made to run on a mini ? I'm not talking about bolting It up..but can I squeeze any more power out of It by porting, gearing, timing, bigger carb and exhaust.. or is It a waist of time ?
  11. OND

    Tecumseh 2 Cycle ID Help

    Tecumseh 2 cycle ID help please...all it has is a tag bolted to the crankcase. Tag reads 1577 Tecumseh 6295 any help would be appreciated.
  12. R

    Power products 2 cycle engine

    For Sale is a early model POWER PRODUCTS 2 Cycle 2.5-4Hp Engine Model 3-16 Engine serial # 154981w75 Very Clean -All parts included Very Good compression Shaft is 9/16th's - keyed - 2.250 inches long Tillotson Carb Exhaust header Needs some TLC Local Pickup or Will ship Cant get pics to...
  13. mudbug73

    Wheel-ly " The Go Trike" help

    Well what I have is what i thought to be a dune cycle with custom forks, until I ran across this picture in another thread. It is exactly what I have. The sticker on the fiberglass body finally makes sense. The body i have is a tad bit different, more like a dune cycle or scat trak body. I...
  14. K

    2 cycle Tecumseh

    I'm thinking about using a 2 cycle Tecumseh snow blower engine on a bike I'm working on. Does anyone have any advice for me?
  15. R

    Vintage power products ( tecumseh ) 2 cycle engine m-1000

    Up For Sale is a Nice Clean 2 Cycle 1950'S M-1000 Power products (Tecumseh) 2 Cycle engine Great compression and spark-Engine will run but it needs some TLC 9/16 diameter keyed shaft -2 1/4" long Original Tillostson carb Original header Would be a great power source for a small/medium Mini Bike...
  16. R

    Wilier (chris cycle mini bike) for sale

    Up for sale is a rare late 1960"s Wilier Chris Cycle Hard to find and especially in this condition as far as having 95 percent of the original parts All levers,wiring front and rear lights with speedo Wiring is in excellent condition 49CC Morini engine.Note; The engine is (Frozen) Original tank...
  17. R

    Survivor chris cycle mini bike los angeles craigs list

    Original Survivor Rare Chris Cycle Italian Mini Bike los angeles for sale "Wilier Chris Cycle" - craigslist
  18. bikerboybenny8

    Tecumseh Questions

    Hey all, ive got myself a little tec hsk600.. 2 stroker i believe 3hp, 4 cycle, no crank case. Wondering if i can do a carb swap on it???? Any clues???:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  19. Itype2slo

    Dune Cycle In So Cal

    looks cool. Dune cycle
  20. Arielsq

    McCulloch 101

    looking for a 101 McCulloch 101 engine to finish a dune cycle three wheeled project