1. E

    5" drum brake w/ flange

    Hey everyone, I ordered a bunch of parts from OldMiniBikes this week and got the wrong drum/sprocket. Seems that they don't sell a 5" with flange although they have the drum (no flange) and the 5" brake itself. If it helps I got a new Azusa 6" Tri-Star wheel with the order, so that's what I need to...
  2. B

    Tecumseh hs50 exhaust flange

    Looking for an exhaust flange for a hs50. Thanks.
  3. Danny01

    WTB: 79cc Predator exhaust flange, or original muffler

    I need to buy either the original 79cc predator muffler or just the flange...need it as soon as possible. Please help!
  4. Acolytus

    Custom Exhaust help

    I was wondering where I could get the flange to make a custom exhaust. I have extra pipes laying around, but without the flange, I can't do anything with them. Is there a place where they sell them?
  5. jeep2003

    97/99cc Predator mufflers

    I have two new 97/ 99 cc Predator mufflers for sale. one with the header pipe and one with the engine flange cut off. $20 shipped each
  6. J

    Someone To Bend and Weld A Custom Header For Predator

    Need 1" custom bent Predator header, underseat style like OldMiniBikes but more compact, shorter, flange welded, etc. contact me for details and quote. Thx, JB
  7. markus

    3.5 briggs exhaust "flange" part number??

    On some the later 3.5hp style engines they have a flange convertor that screws into the 1/2 pipe thead on the exhaust and sticks out just a touch with a standard 2 bolt flange for bolting on the bigger muffs that cant unscrew with the tank on. Anyone have a part number for that or a stock...
  8. Mark G

    NOS Flange Bearings CAT BONANZA etc...MADE IN USA!!

    Set of four Wagner flange bearings. 1 3/8" OD 5/8" ID. BRAND NEW OLD STOCK from the 70's. Made in the USA!! Very similar to the type used in Cat and Bonanza minibikes. Will be shipped DRY, like this unless specified: Or I can pack them with some good quality grease...
  9. JohnnyTillotson

    Air filter nipples

    Found a box of these and need the flange that mounts on the carb that you install them on.
  10. matt2

    HS40 exhaust flange

    Hi everybody I am looking for a exhaust flange for a 1969 HS40. I need it to weld the original exhaust back on the Fox Street Scamp. Thanks for any help.:thumbsup:
  11. matt2

    HS40 exhaust flange

    Hi everyone I need a exhaust flange to weld my exhaust on to. The flange needs to fit a 1969 HS40. OldMiniBikes warehouse has full exhaust not just a flange. I may have to buy the full exhaust and cut off the flange. :thumbsup:
  12. J

    honda 13hp clone exhaust flange on OldMiniBikes?

    ive got a honda 13 hp clone off a genny, swapped the crank for a straight shaft to put on my John Deere AMT. didnt come with an exhaust so i need a flange, does OldMiniBikes sell one? i saw a few different things on there but mostly looked like smaller clone stuff. i need to order some from OldMiniBikes anyway so...
  13. MoTo-BunnY

    Tecumseh 34712 - Carburetor Flange for H40, H50, H60, H70, etc.

    Picked up a nice Tecumseh 5HP H50 XL (steel liner, ball bearing) engine but it is just the base long block. I have all the remaining parts to build a full engine, except for this carb mount flange thingy. Anyone have a spare one? Let me know if you do and what you need for it, I have PreyPal...
  14. A

    Help identify carb flange hex bolt DB30

    I took my carb apart on my Baja DB30 for a thorough cleaning and lost the hex flange bolt that holds the cup to the carb. Can anybody give me a part number or size so I can go to the store and get a replacement? With the seal. Same as in pic next to drain screw. Thanks [/URL][/IMG]
  15. Rapidrob

    Honda CR-190 exhaust flange question?

    Will the exhaust flange that OldMiniBikes WH sells for the 'Clone" engines fit the Honda CR-190 OHV engine?
  16. D

    1 3/8" x 5/8" bearing with flange?

    I would like to replace the bearings in my Sensation mini bike. The rims take flanged bearings, 1 3/8" x 5/8" x 7/16". Overall diameter is 1 1/2" including the flange. It looks like there is nothing inside the rim to hold the bearing in place, so the bearing needs a flange. I cannot find...
  17. R

    NOS taylor model 200 muffler 4-5 hp tec flange polished version

    I have here a NOS Taylor model 200 muffler with the angled tip. This is the polished version. It has never been mounted on an engine , but has been stored and moved here and there etc so trivial marks I'm sure here or there. I've never seen a fresh one off the line , but I'm sure they did not...
  18. hemigremmy

    B&S 5hp exhaust flange

    Does anybody on here make an exhaust flange with a short piece of pipe for making your own header? My motor has both the flange bolt holes and the thread in pipe options. I would like to make a header and go with the flange style for the but either need to find an old donor exhaust or someone...
  19. Peekster

    How do I flange tubing?

    Just wondering what you guys use to make a flange on tubing like the end of the forks. What do you use to keep it centered?
  20. creia

    HS50 exhaust port (flange) bolts

    Does any body know the diameter, thread, and length of the bolts used to secure the exhaust pipe flange to the head?:confused: Also, any advantage/disadvantage to using typical "hex" head vs. "allen" head bolts in this application?:confused: Thank you:scooter: