1. OND

    Song Title Game

    I'm stealing this Idea from Bobs4cycle (another forum I'm on ) Thanks BrendanFitz#73. I'm stealing this Idea from another sight, but its been going on over there for years now. I post the name of a song and the artist. The next post, someone takes a word out of the title of the previous...
  2. markus

    Vintage mini bike board game

    Another neat item for a collector! Mini bike gran prix, would go great with the mini bike challenge book those guys had put out earlier in the 70's. Vtg 1976 Bomar Gold Cup Games Mini Bike Grand Prix by The Radlauers Board Game | eBay
  3. C

    You know the game!

    New guy looking for answers. Found these on craigslist. Spent $200 for both but tripled my mini collection so I think I got a deal. These are going to be made fuctional and rideable condition for my wife and oldest.
  4. B

    New to the game

    Hello, I just got my first minibike, not bad at the age of 63. I'm not exactly sure what I've got and could use a little help identifying it. The tag on the frame by the engine says it a Bonanza s/n 100 6462 but the front forks don't look right. Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. V

    Time to play the game. What did I buy.

    I know it's an h35 and I mainly bought it for the throttle. What year is it and I'm guessing g you had to wrap your own string on it.
  6. B

    Mini Bike recommendation for Larger Rider 6'6, 250 lb

    So, I'm fairly new to the mini-bike game but want something to ride around at my girlfriend's family's lake property/back-roads in the area. I'm fairly tall 6'6 and built like an NFL lineman. Am I too big for the mini-bike game? Or is there something out there that would allow me to have some fun?
  7. capguncowboy

    Tap and Dye set

    I am looking to get a tap and dye set so I can fix the threads on my crank shaft. They're buggered up on the flywheel bolt threads. What size dye do I need, and can you recommend a good brand? I'm new to the rebuilding engines game but wanted to get some good tools so I could do it and do it...
  8. dajsnipe

    Is anybody involved with FIRST

    FIRST is the high school robotics competition, you get 6 weeks to come up with a design and fabricate a robot that will compete against other schools. My son joined Team 3667 last year and this year I am one of the mentors. It's a great program, if anyone is looking for something to do and...
  9. jbrewton

    New game camera

  10. S

    The Longevity Game Guess i'm in trouble i did it twice and both times say i'm dead at 49. 7 more years and i'm dead.Oh well.Nice knowing ya. __________________

    A Game Drive - 5 minfrom my house

    Well was suitablly blown away today, there is a little place called Kragga Kamma game park about 5min for my house by car. Always thought it was a small place with one or two buck and swings for the kids. Damn this place is awesome, cost 10$ to get in, you drive in your own car - we took a...
  12. Tom S.

    Another Word Game

    Leave a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your first name. Only one word please. I'll go first. Mayhem.
  13. S

    Another word game

    Here is a diferent kind of game Eeveryone says 3 words to make up a sentence oe anything that would go together. ex. Mike says..."i will go" John says..."to the store" Paul says..."to buy a" Adam says.."gun to kill" carol says..."my stupid husband"........ It can turn out being funny...
  14. Bonanza Bryan

    Word Association Game

    This is a fun game that we had on my Ranger forum... basically, someone starts with a word, and you post the word that comes to mind... i'll start it off with an obvious one... MiniBike
  15. jdogg

    Game of Thrones anyone?

    OK im not one to get caught up in watching series on TV or cable.....but I read the books by George R.R. Martin years ago so had to check out the new HBO adaptation. I'm pretty impressed!! Seems high dollar and got some pretty good cast members!! The fouth book lost me I think it was " A Feast...
  16. Bonanza Bryan

    The Song Game

    This is on the Ranger Forum I'm also on its seems really popular so I'll start it here as well. Okay, the rules are simple, I'll start by posting a Song, and the next song posted must contain one complete word from the last song posted, it can be in the band name or the song title. (Example...
  17. jprice

    brain teaser game help

    i got this game for christmas, i have many hours invested and im not any closer then when i started lol i cant find the damn box to look it up ,anyone have one of these? or know the name ? someone in jail must make these things lol
  18. H

    Just starting to get back in the game

    Hello you all out there. How the heck ar you? I have been laid up for a while now.So Slowly i have been getting back into the grove of things. It's kinda hard, after loosing a leg a work. And no, I hav'nt found it....I have a doodlebug and I reallt want ot modify it. That is my plan for this...

    Game Trail Camera

    A friend and I went huckleberry picking on the East side of Mt. St. Helens in Washington state about a month ago and happened across a game trail camera in a very remote area. My buddy noted the brand and model of the camera, we picked our berries and left. He returned last week to pick some...