1. W

    Harbor Freight cycle lift

    A week ago I broke down and bought a HF cycle lift. Figured if I was going to have several minis I needed to be able to work on them standing up. Did some maintenance on the Tote Gote today and having that lift made a world of difference compared to sitting on a stool and having to get up and...
  2. Bikerscum

    Harbor Freight 20 ton hydraulic press on sale

    On sale from $280 down to $170, use a 20% off coupon & you're at $136. Not bad :thumbsup:
  3. R

    Harbor freight wheels

    Are the harbor freight rims really bad ? Yes= :out: No=:thumbsup:
  4. C

    Harbor Freight 6.5 Honda Clone with upgrades

    Hello and thanks for looking at my sale. I had originally sold my project bike on on here when my wife got sick and now realize that I have a motor and am not really sure when i'll be able to put it to use. It's a blue Honda clone purchased off of NR Racingings website brand new. It already...
  5. mrpat

    Harbor Freight 212cc Coupon for April

    Here is the latest coupon for anyone interested Cheers! Pat
  6. T

    Harbor Freight $15 torque wrench score?

    Was shopping at Harbor Freight buying some minor things I needed such as zipties and other cheap goods and noticed that they had their inch pounds torque wrench on sale for $15. Original price was $34.99 or something like that. I went ahead and bought it figuring I would get at least one good...
  7. J

    Suggested Harbor Freight Predator 212cc Modifications?

    If you saw my previous thread asking to clarify on some things with the HF Predator 212cc Horizontal engine I am working on a quad project. With that project I am stuck with some difficulties... I need to get an engine that is too tall to fit in the frame while not spending too much & not doing...
  8. J

    Harbor Freight Predator 212cc Quetions (Quad Project)

    I am very new to these engines & has been about 2 years since I have bothered to mess around with small horizontal engines. Although I have not gone complete engine retard, I have stumbled upon some issues that I think may cause issues and just want some things clarified. Summary: I'm...
  9. Bikerscum

    Harbor Freight 86 cent score

    The newspaper today had a HF sale ad, including a $10 multitester free with any purchase. So I went in & bought a pair of scissors on sale for 99 cents, used a 20% off coupon on that, grand total 79 cents for everything.... 86 cents with tax. The cashier was laughing as he gave me change back...
  10. ozark caveman

    Harbor Freight Abrasive Blaster

    Hello Guy's. I wanna buy one of these to clean paint of my bikes. They have 3 to choose from. A 20#, 40#, and a 110#. The people at the store told me that the only difference between them is how much of the blasting medium they hold. They said that all of them would run off of the same air...
  11. deejaaa

    Harbor Freight coupons inside

  12. jujupope

    Harbor Freight discount...Gone?

    I went to order a engine (predator 212) and could not find a discount anywhere. I started to panic and after 30 min. hunting I found this coupon #, ordered and got it for $99. I though it was over. Anyway the # is 27183482. I have one ready for a project butt my daughter called and wanted...
  13. L

    Where can I find a Harbor Freight coupon?

    After being on this forum for a few days now, I think I'm hooked. I hear you all talking about the Harbor Freight 6.5hp engines for $99. I see that they are actually closer to $170. I've heard a few of you mention a $99 coupon. Are these still out there and where can I find one? Thanks, Bob
  14. kzhorse

    Is this where the blown Harbor Freight motors end up

    I found this on CL of all places.Everything is remanufactured. V Power Equipment Scott
  15. 5horsebriggs

    harbor freight 90 amp flux wire welder

    i got this for christmas and i was wondering, if i weld right with it will it be strong enough to make a mini bike/mini chopper frame
  16. gumpit

    Harbor Freight Specific

    I am thinking about sandblasting minis. I do not have a compressor or anything. Harbor Freight specific, what would I need to do the job? Lets here your thoughts on the individual pieces needed. In case anyone else is considering this.
  17. old-timer

    Harbor Freight 20% off this weekend.

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know that HB is running a 20% off deal for this weekend. I just ordered another Predator , and got it for $95.00 and $6.95 shipping. Didn't really need another, but at that price I couldn't turn it down. :laugh: Vic
  18. JoePapa

    Predator 212cc on sale now - Harbor Freight

    The $99 special is going on now at the Austin TX location - sale ends Sunday is what I understand. I don't know if you can get that same price online or not but it's listed on their website so it's a possibility. I picked up a motor with a 2 year full replacement warranty for $119.
  19. jeep2003

    Harbor Freight breaker bar?

    Im going to need a new 1/2" breaker bar soon and hf is having a sale on theyre 25" piece for $10 in a couple weeks. Does anybody have one is it worth the trouble or am i going to be bringing it back every time i use it? And that brings me to my next question. How is their lifetime warrarnty...
  20. tommyboy613

    new harbor freight engine

    I just bought a 3hp 99cc engine from Harbor Freight for my sons Doodlebug...I was wondering if i can get some help on where to get, or what kind of clutch to get...Also, I need a new twist throttle assembly....Any help would be great....Thanks in advance!