1. trailramdan

    anyone have a link to Harbor Freight coupons?

    looking to pick up a 6.5 predator motor. anyone know of any coupons or discount deals?
  2. rollin2

    Mini bikes harbor some nasty critters

    Man everytime i go to storage and dig something out,i gotta kill a dozen or so nasty critters.Went and got my trail buck had to kill some brown recluse and big black widows,and some other kinda spider that those nasty bastards hadent killed yet.So i am assuming there are rattlesnakes in the...
  3. G

    Help: cant get harbor freight clone to fire

    I just bought the engine not too long ago and took it out of the box and put it on a mini bike and i tried to start it but it wouldnt spark. It sparked for a little bit but quit . i replaced the spark plug and its still not getting fire. Has anyone had this problem? Can anyone please give me...
  4. thebronc4019

    Lawnmower Re-power with Harbor Freight Engine

    Don't know if this helps anyone but I will post and see. My Craftsman lawnmower quit on me after just three years. Mower deck and wheels were fine but engine was toast. I made a pattern to see if a replacement engine from Harbor Freight would fit and it did. The vertical shaft engine was...
  5. Homemade Chain Guard for a Harbor Freight 6.5 engine

    Homemade Chain Guard for a Harbor Freight 6.5 engine

  6. Harbor Freight 6.5 custom chain guard

    Harbor Freight 6.5 custom chain guard

  7. Harbor Freight 6.5 custom chain guard

    Harbor Freight 6.5 custom chain guard

  8. Harbor Freight 6.5 custom chain guard

    Harbor Freight 6.5 custom chain guard

    I wasn't about to spend a lot of money on a chain guard, so I made this one out of angle iron from the local junkyard.
  9. My First DoodleBug Rebuild

    My First DoodleBug Rebuild

    I wanted to keep it simple when it came to building this mini bike and not spend a lot of money. I found this doodlebug on craigslist for $37, the engine had been messed with and didn't run. I've wanted a my own mini bike since I was a kid and now I have it. Swaped in a Harbor Freight 6.5 HP...
  10. manco12

    25% OFF on Easter - Harbor Freight

    http://widgets.harborfreight.com/wswidgets/common/displayCoupon.do?week=1412&campaign=b2&page=25off_l.html&single=true&cust=02005881721&keycode=1004 Online and In-Store!
  11. R

    Harbor Freight Predator 212cc $99 Coupon

    Hey guys, this is my first post ever on this website, but I have been reading the forums for awhile and I thought that I would contribute to the people here. :smile: This coupon is for the 212cc Predator from Harbor Freight and it expires on 5/27/12. It brings the price down to $99 and can be...
  12. M

    Greyhound 6.5HP Engine from Harbor Freight

    Where can you buy this online still? cannot find a valid link to purchase the motor!
  13. turftech 1

    Harbor Freight Chain Breaker?

    Hi all, from doing a search here I have learned that the Harbor Freight chain breaker is too big for #35 chains, (but a bicycle breaker seems to work there). Has anyone tried the HF breaker on #41 chain? How does it work on larger chains? I see it there on the $9 rack and always wonder...
  14. Mac

    Harbor Freight Bender

    Bought a Harbor Freight manual bender quite awhile ago and found a square piece of 3/4" tubing I had bent with it. The bender wasn't designed to be used for anything other than flat stock I guess, but I found what is referred to as a Die in my yard from some earlier project I think...
  15. gumpit

    Harbor Freight 99cc Predator engine issue.

    My buddy was having troubles with his blue 2 1/2hp clone from Harbor Freight engine. So he decided to throw on a new Predator 99cc. Both are 5/8" shafts... The problem is that the new Predator shaft wont accept the same 5/8" 20 series driver. The shaft is a little bigger. We even went to HARBOR...
  16. catfishman

    harbor freight sandblaster

    does anyone know if the small sandblasters from harbor freight are any good? my wife got me one for my b day, it has a 20lb tank and the gun, it says 6cfm to 125 cfm for usage, and my compressor is 5.8cfm at 90 psi. i just wanted something to take off paint on my frames and wheels. thought i...
  17. Doodle Bug 6.5 Predator

    Doodle Bug 6.5 Predator

    Doodle Bug that I am putting a Harbor Freight 6.5 HP Predator in. How do ya like my bathroom sink top work bench?
  18. patrick2260

    Harbor Freight's Predator vs. Everyone Else

    Ok.....so I hear good and Bad about the Predator engine. I'm rebuilding an old Bonanza BC1300. Ready for the engine to mount. I would like your opinion about the Predator 212 cc, 6.5 hp engine. It's about 100 bucks cheaper than a Briggs and stratton 5 hp. What would you do? What's your...
  19. jeep2003

    2.5hp harbor freight engine

    looking for a real cheap harbor freight 2.5hp slanty engine for a 1/3 scale jeep progect. Thanks..
  20. pomfish

    Harbor Freight pulls a fast one!

    Anyone else notice the sleazy additional warranty information that HF put in the box of the new Predators? They are now saying that the 2 year warranty indicated in the manual is incorrect and the warranty is now only 90 days. This is nothing more than a blatant attempt to sell extended...