1. S

    Tecumseh Carburetor

    I have a speedway Shrike that I am restoring. The Tecumseh motor sits on an angled mounting plate so a carb with a float bowel will most likely no work. Tecumseh offered a slant intake manifold and every once in a while, you see one on eBay. Anyone knows who may have one of these for sale or...
  2. 20190504_141008.jpg


    Fabricating intake. From bigger round to smaller "D" shaped intake port.
  3. Sprocket86

    MTD HS-50 slant intake

    Hi there. Looking for an Tecumseh HS-50 slanted intake manifold to complete my MTD mini bike build. Been looking for months now with zero luck. Tecumseh PN# 33669 Have paypal and will pay top dollar for one. Thanks.
  4. Cornishrooster

    Need help with predator and inverted intake w 22 mikuni carb.

    Hi erbody need some help here. When I fire up the engine it starts at half throttle, I can give it gas without it dying but can't get the throttle to go down. Maybe I need to put smaller jets in it, the mikuni has the stock jets in at the moment, 100 and 15 pilot I was lead to believe that with...
  5. F

    Tec HS50 Drop Slant Intake Issues

    I decided to put a HS50 on my Rupp R2 while I get the 10 HP vibration issues worked out. I partially freshened up a low use 50 I have cleaned and lapped the valves, put in new points, condenser, coil and carburetor, when I tried to start the 50 it was difficult to get going and when I dialed in...
  6. David wulf

    Tecumseh HS40 slanted intake

    I have a rupp TEC hs40 slanted intake for sale 50.00 shipped.
  7. danford1

    Wanted: H35 intake

    Wanted: Intake for an H35. It doesn't have to be pretty, just pretty cheap :-) Danford1
  8. DeadPixel

    Using a lash cap in intake?

    When I use a lash cap in intake valve do I need to use the exhaust retainer too?
  9. Sprocket86

    Tecumseh HS50 slant intake needed for MTD build.

    Hey folks. I'm in need of a HS50 slant intake manifold for my 1971 MTD mini bike build. It's the last part I need to complete this build. Please let me know what you've got and I really appreciate it. Cheers:thumbsup: Scott
  10. JohnnyTillotson

    Intake manifold hole size

    What's the theory behind these skinny flat intake manifolds that hold the carburetor a bit lower than the regular one? I never noticed how much smaller the hole Liz when you hold it up to the back of the engines intake. Is a small hole causing more suction and thus the gas flowing inside faster...
  11. Sprocket86

    Hs50 slant intake

    Hi there. Still looking for a Tecumseh HS50 slant intake for my 1971 MTD model 520 mini bike. Let me know what you want $$ Thanks.
  12. Sprocket86

    HS50 slant intake manifold.

    Getting closer to finishing my 1971 MTD build and I'm in need of a Tecumseh HS50 slant intake manifold. If anyone has one that they would part with, shoot me a PM with a price please. Thanks.
  13. R

    HS 50 slant intake

    Looking for a slant intake for a HS 50 ,
  14. DeadPixel

    Larger intake valve question and cutting a new valve?

    I have a UT2 head I am working on with the valve seats for the 26mm intake and 24mm exhaust. I am going to order a 27mm intake tomorrow but am unsure how deep to have the seat honed out. I know to hone the whole seat larger but how far in to the bowl do I go? I know to machine the whole valve...
  15. totegotes

    Wanted: Tecumseh H60 intake tube and air cleaner

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the following set up for an older Tecumseh H60. If anyone has anything please let me know.
  16. BWL

    1.3 ratio rocker on intake only?

    I see a lot of you fells running a 1.3 ratio rocker on the intake side only. Why is that? Why not both?
  17. markus

    HS50 Tecumseh slanted carb intake

    $85 shipped, ONLY fits the HS50 engine, it is an NOS take-off part that has been polished.
  18. Sprocket86

    B&S 691922 intake swap.

    Hi there. I was at the dump last summer and found myself a 70's Gilson front tine tiller. This thing is pretty beat up but it had a nice solid what appears to be a mid to late 70's 5hp Briggs Flatty. Picket it up for $18 in scrap weight. The engine block and tank have that light blue metalic...
  19. cruhr1

    HS40 block and slanted intake wanted

    I'm looking for an HS40 block with a good cylinder bore and valve guides that aren't worn out. Also looking for a slanted intake pipe. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Chad
  20. james ackerman

    Hs40 slant intake.

    I hate to sell but I am in need of some quick money in my PayPal account asap please. Can get pictures this evening, nothing is broke or wrong with the intake. I figure this will be a quick sell. $45.00 shipped please pay as friend's. PayPal is