1. james c

    tote gote parts store is open

  2. colrhino

    Open message to all members who help others!

    hey I just want to say that u guys rock for helping all of us out that have questions... my DB was down, and several helped w/suggestions....turned out to be a sheared flywheel key....many thanks fellow minibike enthusiasts!!!
  3. TeamCheap

    minibike open house in Livonia,MI

    I seen this "MiniBike open house - Livonia, MI" on CL and was wondering if anyone has any more info.Is it a regular event? is there a good turnout? I may go as I will be off from work for 11 days.:smile:
  4. Seeker

    Open Message of Thanks

    To my Mini Bike Brothers and Sisters I have been a member of the OldMiniBikes community for a year now and feel compelled to ask you to allow me to spend a couple of minutes standing on the proverbial soap box. One day last August, I picked up an ugly green DB30 at Dick’s Sporting Goods while goofing...
  5. minidragbike

    OHV Open, and Modified Parts For sale

    Fresh, Never bolted on Big Valve Small Chamber GX200/Clone Head. 31mm intake, 27mm exhaust $250 (Mega Flow!!!) New, Still in route to my house. 1.2 Ratio Hunter Roller Rocker for the GX200/Clone $150 Lightly used, but fresh Ital Sistem billet carb, same as a Ibea butterfly gas carb. 1"...
  6. blkscorpion80

    The chain stands between me and the open road

    First off, I know that this has been covered multple times and I have read those post over and over. Ok. My f#$%^ing chain will not stay on. I can ride this thing all day at 10mph(no prob. what so ever). I can even take off at full throttle for about 5sec. As soo As I start to pick up any more...
  7. 5

    Anyone cut open a Doodle-bug tire? How do they roll on only 10psi?

    I read that doodle-bug tires should be pressured to 10-12psi. How can that be? Thanks !!!!