1. Spyderdregg

    Open Class:Spyderdregg's MTD Custom

    Well most of my parts are either on route or being ordered this weekend but I have the frame dammit!!! MTD mini bike built by the Modern Tool and Die Company right here in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio.I dont plan on doing anything too radical,just some upgrades and polish her up real...
  2. Clayon

    Open Class: Clayon's DB30 Redo....again

    My second project this year is my 2007 Baja Doodlebug. I was my first minibike, and has been my rider ever since. It was so abused and after seeing some of the really nice 'bugs on here I thought mine deserved a revival. Here it is..... Happy building everybody. :thumbsup:
  3. gasser

    Open class flatheads??

    Anyone here build any open class flatheads? Kinda curious what kind of HP they can put out. I've got a Raptor III that I was gonna sell, but now sort of thinking about building a kart to race in the Unlimited All Stars class. Would prefer to keep stock stroke but other than that Im open to all...
  4. W

    Throttle linkage doesnt open up at wide open

    Hi guys, I got my engine to run great but I cant get it to run off the throttle. When I twist the throttle wide open the vacuum going through the carb pulls the butterfly shut to about 1/4 throttle. Basically its over powering the spring from the linkage to the governor arm. I've tried different...
  5. tomhazard

    Little Red Mini Bike - UK - Open Class

    Hi, We have decided to build a second bike along side the REDRUM mini drag bike. This is going to be a much smaller mini bike than the other. Its going to be running a stock/very mild tuned 5HP Briggs & Stratton engine. It will be a bit of a budget build, built just from parts lying around the...
  6. T

    Open Class- Bad Dog Gigantic (Newbie)

    This will be my first mini bike build. I have had a few motorcycles and wrenched on them. However, this is the first time I have tried to building anything from the ground up. I have ordered a Bad Dog Gigantic kit. The parts should arrive around February 1st so I want to get a pic of my...
  7. wildman500

    3 inch open gx200 1500.00 new

    I Have a honda gx200 6.5 motor for sale with a 3 inch piston and a MDB big valve head 32/28 ti valves. I'm asking for 1500.00 complete or 1000.00 for short block. thx complete motor consists of honda block with new 3inch sleeve (block was bead blasted) u can eat off it. honda crank arc...
  8. 13bleed

    2012 OldMiniBikes Open Class BBO "need 4 speed" powerdyne

    i have a old powerdyne that i was planning on restoring, but now i think im going to try and cram an old rotax snomobile engine into. this may be suicidal, but i have to see if i can get this thing to hall some major :censure:!!!!!!
  9. M

    MBP's "Powell for 2" - open class

    While I have restored 3 Powells back to original "perfect" (see and, my "L" Powell was bought without the trick...
  10. TeamCheap

    TeamCheap's "Hodge-Podge" open class

    OK I'm throwing my hat in even though I hate wearing hats. I'm calling it "Hodge-Podge" for obvious reasons. It will be a glob of stuff from junk around here with minimal new parts.:shrug: If you dont ask I wont tell.............PLEASE dont ask.:sad:
  11. Outlaw Ace

    Open Class 1966 Trailblazer

    This is my Trailblazer GT-G distributed by the owner of Gilmore Tatge Co. to his Shriner Troupe and the rest were sold off at the farm equipment store. That was the story I got anyway. I may leave it in it's original patina but may also have it blasted and powder coated. Probably be left in...
  12. jakedmoe

    Moe's Open Class 420cc chopper

    For this build up I will be building a custom minibike chopper style frame, me and my buddy had a 100 dollar off coupon for a 420cc predator engine so thats what will power this machine, i will use a 6" rim with a tall ribbed tire and a 20" hd bike rim up front with a bmx style street slick...
  13. MB165

    MB165s DB30 open class entry

    And the fun begins....:laugh:
  14. oseanc

    Open class "ka powell"

    Here is my entry. I consider this bike to be less then half finished.
  15. Tomas

    Who got their eyes open

    Looks like a T-100 listed as a Honda trail bike in Ventura listed on Bakersfield CL.:thumbsup:
  16. C

    Open Animal on Ebay.....

    Here's an Ebay item I found today....Looks to be a real good deal...But depends what's inside it......Outside looks nice..... Briggs Animal Open Modified Racing Engine | eBay J
  17. K

    GX200 Tuning Store UK - Open GX200 Kart Racing Videos

    Hi All, Here are a couple videos of our GX200 Tuning Store UK - Kart Team racing at Redlodge Kart Track in Club2000 we thought you all might want to see. The class is becoming bigger each month, if you want to get started, drop us an email & we'll sort you out with an Engine & Kart...
  18. K

    Open GX200 Karting Video UK

    Hi All, Here's a video of our kart team racing last weekend at Redlodge Kart Circuit in the Open GX200 class. GX200 Tuning Store UK @ Redlodge Kart Circuit - Club2000 - Clubpro - August 2011 - YouTube #33 (Purple & White Kosmic Chassis) Was running our Europes Fastest GX200 Engine...
  19. K

    Open GX200 Karting Video UK

    Hi All, Quick video of one of the heats of this months Open GX200 Meeting. YouTube - ‪GX200 Tuning Store UK @ Redlodge Kart Track - Club2000 July Meeting‬‏ We were running our latest engine on the number 33 - Purple and white kosmic chassis which is out front. Easy to find, as it...
  20. wildman500

    open clone 4 sale lots of mods

    I'm selling my 6.5 clone. Motor was off of a baja heat. Asking 800.00 obo. Local pick up or you pay shipping. no reasonable offer refused. I'm gonna list the parts and what they cost new. 6.5 clone motor-100 min. arc .020 rod-60 flat top piston-40 arc flywheel-100 agk 290 cam-150 agk...