1. RobertC

    RobertC's Open Class Flinstone No More !

    Hey Folks, Given I've never completely rebuit a mini bike before, and have 2 mini bikes that I plan to have redone for Windber, it seemed like a great time to enter the OldMiniBikes build off :laugh: ! Seriously though, I figured what better way to learn and experience rebuilding these two...
  2. minibikin'

    Minibikin's Bad Boy Bonanza

    Better late than never. This is my 10 year old Andrew and his birthday Bonanza MB1210. We are involving the whole family in this build since I can't handle 3 buildoff's...:) We have already had a host of help from members including George3, Ajaxmini, KustomKartKid, Jeff Clark, Square Chopper...
  3. jeep2003

    Jeep2003 and friends Mini Mini Open class

    My freinds Leo and Skully overheard all the grinding iv been doing and decided to join in on the fun. They arnt members here but Im helping them along the way and letting them use my tools. Heres the entry pic. Bottle of milk for a beverage. Skully loves his milk. Gotta keep those bones strong...
  4. FirePowerMinis

    "Open" drag engine rules?

    Are there any? I see mostly GX390-based stuff and a few Jr Dragster types. Guys weld up the block for strength. Weld head or make billet. So, where's the line? Head bolt pattern, swapping on different brand? Gotta be pushrod? If I take my granddads axe, replace the handle with a...
  5. Harleys Papa

    Mama's KOL

    Well I need to get this done for Mama for Windber :doah: so I thought I would enter it here :thumbsup: I think a clone will work :thumbsup: the tank might be a little tight but it should go :doah: I'm goin fenderless with this one :shrug: I need to cut a few extras off and fix the scub...
  6. V

    OPEN CLASS: Velox's "Mad Wife" Entry

    What's up guys! Just entering my project that I have been saving and collecting for since I joined. Just so happened that this build-off took place right after I got my money! Anyway, so here is the plan. Drag bike, but not just any drag bike. Motor Predator, heavily modified. Will write...
  7. Neck

    Neck's Open Class "Race Bike"

    One pile of parts Just in case you cant read the sign
  8. Square_Chopper

    SC's Secret Bonanza

    Ok, after much deliberation back and forth...... I'm in.
  9. Xjkeith

    xjkeith's open class build OldMiniBikes 2013

    so this is my entry for the open class build off. plans are for a hot rod/rat rod theme.
  10. Dan-E-boy

    Open Class: Dan-E-boy's "ENCHILADA"

    Hi everyone, for this build I decided to jump on a project that I've been thinking about for a while.. when I was searching for parts for one of my Tacos, I came across Taco Joes monster frijole.. I liked the look so I decided to build a similar frijole but with my own little twist.. the first...
  11. manchester1


    The boss said I could play since I have only been tingering with this:girl:
  12. firemarshal71

    Firemarshal71's Open Class Chopper

    Well here goes, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to start this but over the past couple weeks had a lot to think about and realized I was going to do another build anyways so why not... I bought this "cough" 71 Rupp thinking I was going to do a vintage restoration but after consulting with a...
  13. Valocalrep

    Valocalrep Open Class BBO

    Here is my tiny pile of parts in my mess of a garage, Hopefully ill get the garage clean this weekend and be able to start finding some parts for it soon. Im using my Manco as my Open class bike. Throwing the 5.5 Honda clone in there and have some other little tricks up my sleeve.
  14. D

    Open Class: drbhuntnfish 2x2 hydrostatic minibaja

    My entry for the 2013 OldMiniBikes open class is an attempt at turning a minibaja MB165 into a 2x2 This has been an idea I've had for several years. Several years ago, I bought two MB165's... One of which I modified by adding a rear rack, a mesquite tree shield (windscreen), and a...
  15. Stangrcr1

    Stangrcr1's Open Class Hot Rod DB

    I decided to drag most of the parts out and get the pic done. The gold DB is still waiting for neck bearings, so I can't start this build till they come in. Frame will still retain the "classic" DB styling with the rear grab bar and the fender support bar in front of the rear tire...
  16. jeep2003

    Jeep2003's Radical Ramrod BBO 2013 Open Class

    Heres my Arctic cat Ramrod with cheeftah wheels. Building a girder fork for it. Also the tank will be made from an old blower shroud. And ill be building a mild briggs for it. I may rework the seat pan area Im not sure yet. Gotta build a swingarm for it aswell. Should be pretty mean :thumbsup:
  17. Neck

    Neck's "Peoples choice" build

    Choice one, Gx620 Honda Choice two, 32 CI Briggs
  18. predator bike

    open clone valve train and other

    ok i build a clone awhile back runs great getting ready to rebuild it to get it ready to race it on a kart in an open class in texas. i have billet rod and flywheel 18cc head going to port match an tillotson addapter to the head and do a little more porting. .009 head gasket race plug. block...
  19. frankster

    Frankster's Can-Am Keystone

    Can-Am Keystone: Canadian Bike - Tecumseh 2 Stroke The plan is to use a Tecumseh 2 stroke w/o modifying the original frame. Thanks frankster
  20. W

    WLB's 2013 open class build