1. M

    Heald super Trike Conversion

    Hello guys, i recently restored an old Heald Super Trike ( will put up Pics soon) and after i was done i learned some models have forward and reverse which mine does not have but i do have the F/R gearbox from another Heald Frame. i am curious if it is possible to put this gearbox on my trike...
  2. Aircomet

    Reverse Trike Build

    This is my current work in progress. It is a reverse trike with independent single A arm front suspension. I am using a Predator 212 with TAV2 and a 15 inch diameter lug tire for improved traction since there is only one drive wheel. It rides fairly smooth however, with no rear shocks it can...
  3. Hangarbrat

    Hangarbrat's - reverse trike - (Anything Goes)

    Gonna give this a try,my first build off. Going for a reverse trike style mini. Gonna bend up my own frame. Got a few parts going to have to order some more things to get going on it. I must say some real talent out there I've been watching for a while now gonna get my feet wet and see what happens.
  4. I

    Torque Converter Reverse Drive Clutch & Gear

    Built a drift trike but having issues with standard centrifugal clutches burning up. Decided to go with a TC but current frame design prohibits normal mounting. Is it possible to mount the driven gear on the outside of the jackshaft? If so, will the bearing be able to withstand the chain load...
  5. Taryl Dactal

    Custom 10 hp trike built from mini bike frame & snow blower with reverse

    Here's my custom built trike from a mini bike & just some old junk from around my shop. Plus a youtube video of it.
  6. M

    My custom reverse trike "STILL IN PROGESS"

    Here's my reverse trike I've been working on It has a gy6 150cc engine , hand controls , and rear storage . My future plans are windscreen, Motorcycle front tires /brakes, possible suspension and enclosed soft top. She will easily do 65mph and cruises comfortably . Parts are from several...
  7. JohnnyTillotson

    OMG I need this

    Is this someone from here? You are a genius! Love it. Looks like it has reverse too. It's in NJ Rat Rod Mini Bike

    ? reverse trike id ?

    Anyone know what this is [url='']
  9. B

    5hp w/ reverse

    Engine was seized when I got it, but I wanted it for parts. Cylinder already had transmission fluid and head gasket looks brand new. Someone was going to try and free this motor. Cylinder is scared so I don't know that I'll try to salvage the jug unless someone has an idea what the reverse...
  10. ozark caveman

    Gotta Love Reverse

    I love it when guys do this! What do you guys think about the deal though?
  11. Valocalrep

    Reverse trike

    I know some compaines have made them and some people have mad there own but has anyone on here made one? 2 whels in the front one in the back. Im thinking about doing it and im looking for advice or pics or something to get my mind going. Thanks
  12. Outlaw Ace

    Clinton A490 reverse rotation engine.

    For sale one Clinton A490 reverse rotation engine. Runs but will not pick up fuel and stay running. Carb had trash and the plunger leaks if not seated perfect so will need attention. Not sure of the year but I believe late 50s early 60s model. Comes with stacked ring air cleaner. No throttle...
  13. FordGalaxy

    reverse engine mounting

    I been searching for the thread where a fellow mounted a clone with the head in the front. Then he used a gear to gear set up to change the sprocket rotation. Anyone know where it is? Thanks Bill
  14. R

    Reverse Trike Pit Bike

    I thought you might enjoy this or at least get a laugh. We work races for the SCCA, since we got a motor home we needed a way to get around at the tracks. I found and modified a old Manco mini bike, put a side car on it to carry me and my safety gear. My girl friend liked the Can-Am bikes, and...
  15. home built reverse trike

    home built reverse trike

    The motor is just sitting there now. When installed will have a TAV on it.
  16. home built reverse trike

    home built reverse trike

    The seat was her choice, I have to admit it is comfy. May have to move the rear tire further back.
  17. home built reverse trike

    home built reverse trike

    The trike will have large foot rest. I plan on inserting diamond plate.
  18. home built reverse trike

    home built reverse trike

    The handle bars are on backwards, I had intended for it to be front steer but could not work out the Ackerman steering, reversed the bars to try rear steer. I got everything to work by going rear steer. The bars will be changed.
  19. home built reverse trike

    home built reverse trike

    This is a reverse trike I am building as a pit bike for my girl friend. We work SCCA races and she needed a way to get a round the tracks we work.
  20. The Restore Kid

    NOS reverse for your sled

    Anyone ever use one of these reverse gear boxes for a snowmobile? :glare: I have one that an old guy bought brand new for some contraption he was building, then went another way, and junked it.. I know they are an aftermarket piece you buy and throw in place of your old tunnel.. Do people...