1. OND

    Happy Birthday Simple Tom

    :happybday: Happy Birthday Simple Tom ! :happybday:
  2. Twid

    Tom Thumb
  3. Tom thumb mini bike

    Tom thumb mini bike

    Tom thumb Windber
  4. W

    2wd Tom Thumb Rokon?

    Hi everyone, been a while since I posted anything...... bought a house, moved, etc. Anyway I have been enjoying the heck out of my 2wd fat tire bike, so much so that I still have not found time to "finish" it. And now I have this hair brained idea to build a tiny version of it. First things...
  5. Sixpac440

    Hey Manchester, I love the Tom Thumbs on the calender ...

    What can you tell me about the motor on the Blue one?
  6. Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb
  7. Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb
  8. Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb
  9. D

    Wtb tom thumb or scat cat

    Complete text 512 740 2197
  10. C

    Scat Cat Tom cat Sc-114 frame/roller

    Scat cat tom cat roller.....pretty straight frame overall ....great start for restoration project....will consider shipping....$200 obo
  11. jdogg

    Happy Birthday Tom S.!!!!

    Join me in wishing a very happy Birthday to Tom S.!! Hope you have a great day Tom!! :thumbsup:
  12. Neck

    Wanted: Two Tom Thumb style Minibikes

    Looking to purchase, two Tom Thumb style Minibikes of the same variety, or not. Shoot me some pictures please. Thank you!
  13. Midyrman

    Lenses: Bonanza MX1310 Head light and Tail Lamp

    Looking for lenses for both lights. Does anyone sell replacement lenses? Thank you. Tom
  14. Midyrman

    Bonanza 1400 BC

    Did ALL the 1400s come with the top mounted plastic gas tank? Or did some come with the engine mounted gas tank? Thanks. Tom
  15. Midyrman

    Wanted Vintage Tecumseh HS50

    Looking for an HS50 with lighting coil for my BC1400. Prefer in good running condition. Cosmetics not important. Thanks. Tom
  16. Midyrman

    Hodaka Ace 100 Engine

    Can a Hodaka 100 engine taken from a Hodaka motorcycle be used on a Bonanza? Is there mounting issues or anything else to deal with? Thanks. Tom
  17. Midyrman

    Transport / Shipping Company

    Other than Uship are there any other reliable and reasonably priced ones out there? Thanks. Tom

    F.S. N.O.S Good Year Diamond Tread Tom Thumb Tires 2.80 x 2.50 x 4

    For Sale: One Pair of Mint! ,Hard to find N.O.S from the late 60's to 70's Good Year 2.80 x 2.50 x 4 tires,fit 4 inch rims.These are all weather,made in the U.S.A rare 4 ply version. These were used on minibikes including pictured on the Tom Thumb popular Mechanics minibike project plans and are...
  19. T


    Looking for a nice set of chrome handlebars for a Harrison Wildcat, also a set of Hunt Wilde footbar grips in black........PM me here or call me at 616-914-2693.............Thanks..............Tom.
  20. T

    Harrison kickstand

    Looking for a kickstand to fit my Harrison Wildcat, if you have somthing shoot me a PM.................Thanks..............Tom.