2015 Build off entry: Mac Frijole Scratch Build

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The frame is close, next is weld on the jack shaft mounts, kick stand mount, tune up the welding. I will also braze on the sprocket spacers, tig up the gas tank, build the kick stand and weld the miscellaneous brackets to the frame.
My shop is a total disaster, so pics later. I am crimping the tube ends with the large Harbor freight press. The press came with some plates that have the round cut out. I had a lazier shop build my Lil Indian fork end dies but I didn't think they would look correct. Pics are of the jack-shaft mounts and kick stand. The pin for the spring is a rivet. I drilled the leg and brazed it in. I think there is more time in the kickstand than the frame.
I would love to see the plates that you squeezed the fork tubes with. I just made some from scrap iron. Especially if you bought them at harbor freight:thumbsup:
Just wanted to share my jack shaft/ band brake idea I put together last night. This will be my last post on OldMiniBikes as someone has accused me of cheating. At 66 years old I find this very insulting. Good luck to you all.


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Awww Man...so sorry to hear that! The engineering here is fantastic. The simplicity of the clutch brake is over the top. Please reconsider
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