HarleysPapa - 1972 Fox Thunderbolt MX212 - (Vintage Open)

Looking good Randy , I'm anxious to see this jewel assembled !
That is going to be a head turner.
Thanks guys :thumbsup:
The weather has not been on my side :doah: I am going to paint the main fork and the tank tomorrow in the paint booth at work :thumbsup: I also have a lot of small parts that need to be cleaned on a wire wheel and we have like 15 of them at work :thumbsup: I'll take some pic's if I remember to bring my camera :doah:
Thanks Pete :thumbsup: I didn't get anything done on it yesterday, I came home with a stomach bug :doah: and today I had to sort out all the crap..... I mean great stuff to bring with me to the swap meet tomorrow :thumbsup:
Yes, that bug is going around. The one thing we don't have around here is a swap meet...wish we did. Closest is probably Carlisle, believe it or not.
Well I finally got back to work on this today :thumbsup: I got the handle bars and most of the hardware I'm not replacing cleaned, none of it is perfect but it is all a lot better than it was :thumbsup:

I cleaned up the header and muffler :thumbsup: No pic of the muffler, I painted it at work and it still there drying :doah: I cant paint the header until I weld on some mounts for the heat shield :thumbsup:

The weather looks great for the rest of the week so I should be able to get the rest of my painting done :thumbsup: Then its time to start reassembly :hammer:
With that stance, looks like you're going to have a great hill climber!
Thanks Jerry :thumbsup:

I got the forks painted today :thumbsup:

I don't know if I have a pic in here of the rear wheel axel adjusters or not but they were bent pretty good :doah: and one of them the square nut was frozen, I had them at work to clean them and asked on of the fab guys to cut the bolt so I could save the nut :thumbsup: He brings it back to me and not only did he get the nut loose but he straightened out the adjuster :thumbsup: I asked him how he straightened it and he said he couldn't tell me, so I gave him the other one and said then straighten this one and he did :thumbsup:
Now all I need it new bolts :thumbsup:
Thanks Karen :thumbsup:

I got the tank painted today :thumbsup:That should be every thing painted except the foot pegs but they are no big deal :thumbsup:

I don't know if you will be able to see this or not but its a Tick that dropped into the tunnel while I was clearing the tank :doah: We have had a bad year with ticks, I cant even go out into the yard without getting atleast one on me :doah: I have been lucky and not one has dug into me but it still sucks, hell I asked Mama to come look at the tank for me and she found one crawling on my shirt :eek:ut:
Tank still looks good Randy ! :thumbsup: I'm afraid this is going to be a really bad year for fleas and ticks.....we hardly had any winter at all .
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Tank still looks good Randy ! :thumbsup: I'm afraid this is going to be a really bad year for fleas and ticks.....we hardly had in winter at all .
Ya there is all kinds of crap in the paint but what can you hope for doing a spray bomb in the back yard :doah: Ticks are real bad here this year I saw a news report that said the people testing them here in Ct had gotten 30 by this time last year and this year over a thousand :doah:
I love it!!
Be careful. No Lymes.
Thanks Tom, don't worry when I spend any prolonged time outside I hose myself down with "Deep Woods Off" :thumbsup:

Well after all the cold and wet now we are having a heat wave :eek:ut: So I did some work inside today, I got the mud flaps cleaned and installed and put the decals on the tank :thumbsup: I am debating whether or not to clear the decals, I'm worried that the Fox decals will come off if I don't but I'm also worried that it will f:censure: them up if I do :doah: