1. P

    WTB Doodle Bug 1st generation

    Looking to buy local as a roller or with the little engine it comes with.
  2. A

    1st Post 1st build

    Hey everyone just wanted to post what I got going on tonight! Late-night post on a project I have been working on, so far so good I had a problem with it kickin the chain before!:no:I think have fixed it!! Posted two pics so far let me know what y'all think. I think I got the chain alignment...
  3. R

    1st 212 predator hemi build

    Ok so im doing some mods to my motor that ive never done before. Has a header and stock carb with pod filter and rejetted 140 etube 36 or 37 now. I just ordered billet flywheel(with 8degree timing built in) and rod since the governer has never worked on this since i bought it, and mod 2 cam and...
  4. C

    my 1st mini bike

    What started out as a home for a 6 horse briggs that was sitting around and a frame my nephew had, has turned into a all consuming project lol what it looked like when I drug it home to where it is today (far from riding)and yes it is in my living room :laugh::smile:
  5. J

    NOS 30 tooth #35 1st gear

    Have had this stored for many years. It is a 30 tooth #35 chain 1st gear. Has the bearing support, keyed for a 5/8 shaft. Mounts to shaft with a roll pin. Maybe fox or ??? 58.00 shipped. Postal money order only please. Regards, Joe51
  6. T

    1st Time Builder Questions

    I ordered the Azusa Kit with 8' wheels I'm building the bike for my 11 year old son. It comes with a 72 tooth rear sprocket and I'm wondering about different engine combos. Any info on gear ratio, torque converter and or jack shaft with the 8' tire would be great. Im just trying to...

    For sale 1st Gear for two speed trans NOS 30 tooth

    Up for sale I have a NOS 30 Tooth 1st gear for a 2 speed trans setup.Don't know the original application for this,but this could be used for a Lil Indian or other setups.This has the one direction bearing in it and a Hardened internal sleeve that fits a 5/8 shaft.No hardened shaft is needed as...
  8. Woody212

    New (old) guy, 1st build

    June 7th, I decided I needed a cheap minibike to recapture the nostalgia of my mini's from 40 yrs ago. I found a clean Bird mini on Craigslist. Two weeks later I completely rebuilt it my way (so much for cheap) and here I am. So much has changed, looking forward to having the OldMiniBikes site as a...
  9. Fatboy04

    Picked up my 1st Rupp today

    Picked this up today,owner say's all original. I'm going to need a few parts which I will post in the correct section. Is there new parts out there ? What do you think ? I ran it down the road and the clutch seemed to slip with my fat behind on it. I even got a plate from 1974 with it ! :thumbsup:
  10. R

    1st Mini Bonanza

    Hi everyone I just got my first bonanza is there anyway of telling a rough year from the serial number 21149
  11. JohnnyTillotson

    Lake Compounce, CT May 1st

    Me n my wee ones will be there. Might have a table. It seems like an easy place to sell. Here's info on it if anyone is interested. 46th Annual CSRA Spring Swap Meet May 1, 2016 CSRA presents it's 46th Annual Spring Swap Meet. It will be held on May 1st, 2016 in the Lake Compounce...
  12. AJaxMini

    1st LiL Indian flat guard

    My brother and I made up a couple of these guards recently. I've been needing different LiL Indian guards for my projects and have been working out how to make them. This guard takes some extra welding around the front edge so there is a little blow through to the back side but not a lot and...
  13. buckeye

    Spring Fling 2016 April 29 thru May 1st. Deep South Speedway

    Officially on!! We will have the same facilities as in the past. With a twist. Overnight camping starting Friday. Leave out Sunday. Usual day of riding and telling stories.. Racing on the track, for sure this time, Saturday night!! Loxley, Alabama. Deep South Speedway!! Be there or be square.
  14. mini bike

    mini bike

    Anybody know what this is
  15. massacre

    *100 FT Illegal Drag Races Halloween Hangover Sun Nov 1st @ 11am Racing at High Noon*

    This is the official thread for this weekend's racing. It appears that Leadfoot was unable to secure a location for this year's (what is it, 8th, 9th)? annual illegal minibike drags. This is an unfortunate event, the Leadfoot races are legendary and always a whole load of fun. And great...
  16. M

    My 1st post my 1st build DB

    Wats up every1 im fatz I'm new Wat yall think of my DB so far? Need sum tip and pointers
  17. BAJARonnie27127

    My 1st Mini build

    OK, So I picked this guy up for 100 dollar bill and decided i would compile all the spare motorcycle parts I had and build this sucker. Here is what i have so far starting out with a before pic. please give me someidea's i am about half way on this build and always open to suggestions from...
  18. ugmold

    Lil Indian, 1st post

    Hi folks, Today I bought a Lil Indian Minibike with a 5hp Honda engine. It had been sitting in a musty, stinky basement for years. I cleaned out the carb bowl, had water in it. Changed the oil, which was pretty gunky. Everything looks pretty good. Started on the 3rd pull. Missing air filter...
  19. hellsbells

    Video. Arctic cat barn find 1st ride in 25+ years

    Bike was last rode in 1983 its been parked in a barn for over 25 years, In 2013 i brought it home and have been slowly tinkering with it , 3 days ago it got it first run. Enjoy.
  20. Biffmini

    1st. gear sprag sprocket / Trail Horse

    I'm hitting a brick wall trying to find a 24 tooth freewheeling 1st. gear sprocket. For my trail horse comet two speed jack shaft set up. I have the clutch & sprocket but sprocket is missing parts ( barrel bearings & little springs ) Any help would greatly appreciated