1. J

    Predator 212 not starting

    Hey whats up guys Ive been building a Azusa mini bike kit this summer and finally got it all done this weekend only for it to not start. Ok to start off I got a Hemi 212cc with governor removed, header, Mikuni carb, and air filter. When i was taking the oil sensor out of the inside of the engine...
  2. K

    predator 212 shaft size

    my gf burned the box and idk what clutch with which bore to get. please help
  3. M

    Hard to start predator 212

    Hey guys im finishing up my go kart build and have it all together, but this thing is almost impossible to start. The valve lash is good, but i dont think its getting enough fuel when pulling the cord or something. I had it running for the first time today for a solid 45 seconds with the...
  4. B

    212 hemi mod questions

    hey, i have a 212 hemi with a few mods done to it but seem like it not performing right.. could it be to much cam? part list: no governor arc .020 rod arc ultra lite flywheel isky .310 cam 108LSA i have tried 26lbs and 37lb springs flatslide carb ported head .010 head gasket also what do...
  5. Possom point

    212 Hemi Governor link....

    Hey guys I worked on another Murray Track 2 today and put a 22mm "chikuni" on it, after disconnecting all the springs and linkages, how do I or what can I reattach the governor arm linkage to so my engine won't blow up???? It may be a simple fix or a dumb question but i can't figure it out...
  6. M

    Predator 212 kicking back! Timing off?

    Hey! I just rebuilt my non-hemi predator 212cc motor after running it for a few months after removing the governor and adding bigger jets/exhaust. I wanted to really build it this time so i cracked open the case and added these parts: Mod 2 cheater cam 26lb valve springs Chromoly push rods...
  7. danford1

    Predator 212 Honda/Clone Throtle kit OldMiniBikes

    I have this kit. https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/honda-clone-throttle-kit.html?category_id=1732 I'm going to attempt to install this on a Greyhound clone. I was looking at the parts and since there aren't any instructions with it, I'm confused. How does it go on? Does anyone have a picture showing...
  8. R

    1st 212 predator hemi build

    Ok so im doing some mods to my motor that ive never done before. Has a header and stock carb with pod filter and rejetted 140 etube 36 or 37 now. I just ordered billet flywheel(with 8degree timing built in) and rod since the governer has never worked on this since i bought it, and mod 2 cam and...
  9. G

    212 hemi build

    Building a 212 hemi and i have 2 main questions. 1. Are ss valves necessary? 2. Are the 26lb springs with high ring keeper sufficent or should i go w/ 32lb springs. All input & suggestions will be greatly appreciated...Will be posting pics of build Here's a list of the parts so far Billet...
  10. R

    Predator 212 intermittent spark?

    I went through three pages of posts (plus a forum search) and didn't see this topic, but please feel free to tell me if this has been covered elsewhere. Brand new Predator 212 mounted and ran for about 45 min. to an hour. Max speed set to about 6MPH so it can break in gently. Motor is mounted...
  11. B

    212 cc prediter engine governer arm. throttle troubles and removal

    i took a brand new out of the box 212 cc prediter engine and put the honda clone electrodes and flywheel on it. i ran the cord safely behind a heat sheild that i ground down slighly to accomodate it. the nut on the crankshaft goes halfway on (litterally half of the nuts threads are used) i used...
  12. T

    212 pred. motor in new style DB

    I'm having a hard time trying to get my 212 hemi pred. to fit in new style DB. Valve cover is hitting frame hoop in front of rear tire(where the fender bolts to). I tried the PMR adjustable motor mount- not even close, so I removed it. Then I cut the head off the front oil drain plug, slotted it...
  13. E

    212 predator hemi

    So I want to upgrade my hemi motor got tired of it stock lol my budget is from 300 to 500. any suggesting? I want it to respond (torque) as soon as I step on it since im drifting my go kart. I know I should replace my piston rod, flywheel, valve springs, Cam, air filter, and im not sure if I...
  14. TDB

    Predator 212 keeps dying.

    Any ideas? https://youtu.be/T9JyvHAXbdc Not sure why this stupid thing won't run, it seems like the fuel line is clogged or the carbs gummed up but I won't know until I tear into it. It ran great last time it was out, and I don't understand why the fuel line would be clogged or the carb...
  15. danford1

    How much hp after mods? Predator 212 Hemi.

    I was using the search feature trying to find info on this, but couldn't find what I was looking for. I have a Predator 212 Hemi. I added a mild cam, (Dynocam CL-2), ARC Billet 32 degree flywheel, carb jet kit, Cone air filter, pulse fuel pump, 18 lb springs, header pipe with big sausage...
  16. O

    TAV 30 on predator 212 6" driven clutch right size?

    Looking to buy a tav 30 on ebay. There are two kits one with a 6" clutch and another with a 6" 5/8" inner diameter Driven Clutch. Not sure if either one matters. Which one should I get for my predator 212? thanks
  17. danford1

    Carb adapter questions for a Predator 212 Hemi

    I have a Predator 212 Hemi on a minibike with an angled engine plate. I have the round air filter adapter and air filter on it. It sticks out the side of the engine and my leg hits the air cleaner easily. I want to buy a carb adapter that will angle the carb toward the rear of the minibike...
  18. H

    Predator 212 not starting after gx160 head

    So i just recently replaces the stock head with a gx160 head. I transferred everything over and now it wont start. It set valve lash to .003 on both intake and exaust. I also rejetted carb to .036 and a gx140 emilsion tube. It was running with carb adjustments before changing head. I have an...
  19. C

    212 hemi valves

    Whats the correct valve lash setting for 212 predator. Getting conflicting advise on the internet. Is it different for the exhaust and intake?
  20. Aircomet

    Pedator 212 Fuel Starvation

    I have 3 predator 212 engines all less than a year old. Riding around the property where I am never full throttle more than 30 seconds at a time they perform beautifully. However, when I drive them at my friends house where I can hold it full throttle for a longer time after about 45 seconds or...