1. FunWithStuff

    Aftermarket Clutch Cover/Guard

    I have a 1973 JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I am currently looking for an aftermarket clutch cover for. The cover should look something like the photo you see here. Any information would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. Fat Tony157

    Tav2 30 series torque converter (aftermarket)

    This is an aftermarket Tav2 30 series torque converter. Not a genuine comet. I bought this for my build-off mini bike this past winter but I decided a standard centrifugal clutch was better suited for the build and no longer need this. It works great and has nothing wrong with it. It has maybe...
  3. C

    Is there an aftermarket disc option for Fox trailbug?

    Hello, Looking to find a suitable disc brake for my trailbug. The first pic shows an original set up I'd like to mimic, the second pic is my frame that has the factory welded tab mount. Since original caliper set ups are impossible to find is there an alternative someone has used to restore...
  4. neo71665

    Aftermarket 1 inch throttle??

    My throttle works but is pitted all up. I've searched around and it seems 1 inch stuff is pretty limited. I really don't want to chop off and weld on 7/8th so does anybody have any suggestions? I'm on a limited budget so an exotic billet roller bearings throttle is out of the question (tho I...
  5. H

    Aftermarket TAV2

    Go Kart Mini Bike Torque Converter 35 Chain 3 4" Bore 12T Replaces 218352 | eBay
  6. doodlebug6.5

    Carb Jetting HELP!

    Any suggestions on what size jet to use for a stock car with the header and aftermarket filter? Thanks
  7. E

    Predator 212 Fuel delivery issues with 15* motor mount on Kart

    Hi Guys, New to the forum. I just installed a Predator 212 on my race kart with a 15* motor mount. The reason why I went with the 15* mount is because of wheel clearance with the air filter. With the mount and aftermarket filter, I now have the clearance I need. Only thing is I am now...
  8. mini one

    cracked air cleaner screw threads

    So after the first "quick" mini bike outing of the year with my son here's the totals: One lost chrome exhaust tip, & inner baffle (thank good the pipe only got loose and stayed on, man those parts seem tough to find in chrome) i'm going to back track again and see if I can't find those...
  9. B

    Rejetting stock carb for use with aftermarket air filter

    Just purchased a Predator 212cc Hemi for use in my mini bike but had to remove air filter for frame clearance. Will replace stock air filter with aftermarket filter and adapter but not sure what needs to be done as far as rejetting. Engine is completely stock. Any experiences? Any help? Thank...
  10. Not so mini bike

    Briggs raptor 3 for sale

    Briggs raptor 3. Don't know much about it what I do know is that the guy said it was alky but not sure. Has spark and compression. Has 3 stage header, restrictor plate, throttle kit, air filter adapter and I have a brand new recoil for it. I haven't opened it up to see if there is and...
  11. teetheboss

    stock 6.5 hp honda clone to a modified 6.5 hp honda clone

    I put some aftermarket parts in to my 6.5 honda clone motor. Comment on what els you think i should do to the motor Exhaust Before:stock greyhound exhaust Now: aftermarket custom header Air filter Before: stock greyhound air filter Now...
  12. 2fast4you

    aftermarket exhaust issue

    After putting a aftermarket header on where am i suppose to put the throttle return spring since it was hooked to the stock muffler shield?? Its a 212 predator motor btw
  13. B

    predator mods that can be done without aftermarket flywheel

    recently purchased a predator 212 from harbor freight im getting ready to order parts to mount it to my db30 i keep reading about the dangers of the flywheel exploding when modding these engines... whats the most i can do with this motor safely before it is needed to upgrade to an aluminum...
  14. cyruss503

    Aftermarket airfilter

    Im looking for input on howto oil an airfilter...And what oil to use??? thanks gang!
  15. Mark G

    Aftermarket Tecumseh carburetor

    This came with a recent motor purchase(HS40). Oregon Carb, part #50-662. I have no Idea what it's application is but I would assume a HS motor. Has both high and low speed adjustment screws, and bowl drain. Looks near new but it smells like gas, I believe the previous owner did try it out...
  16. F

    Where to find aftermarket cams for the HS50

    Hello all, im in the process of restoring my ruttman grasshopper and my good friend has given me an older complete HS50 for free! ive been looking all over and searching for anything aftermarket for Tecumseh's and I cant find anything solid. What im looking for is a high torque cam and...
  17. C

    Aftermarket Rear Banchi Brake?

    I'm building a Banchi with my son and we have the rear turbine wheel with the drum....but that's it. Is the some where we can get the rest of the brake system? Do they make a aftermarket part that will work with that drum wheel combination? I'd like to keep that as the brake system but I guess I...
  18. L

    aftermarket gx200 carb on 69727 predator or mod current carb?

    I saw some people use a gx200 carb or drill the main jet to #90 or install a gx140 e-tube. A OEM Honda carb is too much but a aftermarket carb is about $15 on eBay.... if I leave the stock air box and muffler should I bother drilling the main jet or getting a aftermarket gx200 carb? I have the...
  19. 5horsebriggs

    aftermarket carb for a 5 flathead

    is there any carbs I can use that just bolt on, I just would like to be able to run a seprate gas tank thanks in advance, jason
  20. Tim Wilson

    aftermarket parts for old Briggs?

    I just got back from my local Briggs parts supplier. Im suffering from sticker shock. While I was happy to actually find a knowledgeable parts man, he wasn't able to help much. He told me that briggs n stratton was trying to phase out the old flat heads, discontinuing many parts and over pricing...