1. cheezy1

    "Garage of broken dreams" builds...part 1

    "Garage of Broken Dreams"...Part 1 most of you know I have tons of projects that are not far from being finished. Some may just need one piece of unobtanium or another. Or I just forgot about them and tossed them in a box. Either way..this year I need to complete many of them and will...
  2. Oyster Bay Man

    Basic Tools

    I can't seem to find a thread here that might list all the basic tools one might want to have for small engine repair/trouble shooting. But I'm sure over the years someone has had to have done this. If so can someone link it on this thread? If not, can someone list the top ten tools or...
  3. Jamie1972

    Basic question

    How does the pull start rope "loop" through the handle on a Tecumseh engine.? I know.....Duh..right?
  4. O

    Basic wiring help

    Rewiring my Alsport utility by this print. Only problem is they don't detail the igntion switch very well. Terminals on my switch are B, G, L, S, M I'm assuming the "L" term on my switch takes the place of the "A" term on the print for the lights. "B" is + battery. "S" activates the...
  5. metalhead100

    Honda/clone basic carb cleaning detail pic

    Honda/clone basic carb cleaning detail pic Needs to be a Sticky!
  6. waltsuz

    Powder coating basic questions

    I know from reading posts there are a few guys here with a lot of powder coating experience. I got a few questions if someone may offer some answers please. How much metal prep should I do? Does it need to be like primer ready or does the coater do this? What should I expect to pay for a...
  7. H

    basic set-up

    I recently acquired a azusa frame. It has all the parts except a motor and a chain. Im looking for a simple set-up. any suggestions on basic motor and anything else i may need.
  8. C

    First basic clone build

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but I have been interested with minis for a few years. I built my Doodle Bug with a blue Greyhound 6.5hp swap and a Comet clutch about 4 years ago and I finally think it's time for a lil hop up. I have been very easy on this engine and it has not been rode much so...
  9. K

    Basic Questions For Go Karts

    I'm pretty new to all of this but have been able to assemble quit a few Mini Bike from various parts and have had great success. I picked up a Go Kart frame last year in the fall and just finished putting a HF Clone on it. Also, I just finished fixing a B & S "FunPower" 5HP for a friend of...
  10. mmisterbungl

    Basic Bob drag bike build-up

    I'm going to do a project for this bike since I've never seen anyone do one about decking out their "Temecula Bob" frame. I've seen some of the higher end frames like what JD built up, and that thing was a helluva build thread. This is the distant little cousin down the line of the Legendary...
  11. mwmurrell

    Need help with some basic Tecumseh questions

    All of my experience is with clones because they are cheep and easy. I recently bought a bike that has a Tecumseh 3.5. The positioning of the intake places the carb and airfilter in really bad positions directly up on the fender. The engine runs well but isn't made for a minibike ( i...
  12. L

    basic maintenance on 3hp tecumseh

    Ive never even touched a motor before I just got my mini bike. What kind of oil do I put? Also what kind of gas??
  13. awkwardkitten

    I designed a basic OldMiniBikes T-shirt

    Here is the basic T shirt I designed. I could have added pictures and other designs but I figured I would start by seeing what you guys thought on the colors and if you would buy it. This bare bones T-shirt would cost about 10 dollars each from
  14. P

    Newbie with some basic questions.

    Gentlemen, I have been lurking for the past few days after finding my way here from the HAMB. Now, please treat me gently but could someone point me in the direction of Briggs & Stratton 101? My son and I are in the process of building kart/rod using a 5hp B & S motor from a leaf blower...
  15. J

    Assembly PDF. for basic Mini

    This might be helpful to some newbies out there, saw it on an ebay item. Hope this helps someone.