Tecumseh shroud

    I've been watching Ebay daily looking for another one of these shrouds for my big block 5 hp and 6hp. Recently found one on here for 5 hp and scored today for the 6 hp. This one missing some minor parts, but with these throttle assemblies being so rare, I'm lucky to have found what I...
  2. cruhr1

    "69 Taco T100 Build

    I picked this bike up back in August and I have finally started working on it the past month or so. When I got the bike you can see what kind of shape it was in. It had a non running '59 briggs 2 1/2 hp engine and conduit in place of the rear shocks. It also had a chunk of the frame on the lower...
  3. B


    Here is my latest edition to my collection. I'm pretty sure it's a Speedway Shrike. Not sure in the year though. Any help or pointers what you see would be appreciated. It has an H30 Tec on it. It's missing the original exhaust and the back fender is missing the back half. This is going to be a...
  4. S

    Carburetor for Fuji Go Devil

    Go Devil folding bike Fuji Engine I am looking for a Carburetor and a Gas Cap for my Go Devil. Also can anyone let me know if the Fuji Engine as Reed Valve? As I am also missing the pad adapter that the Carburetor attaches to.
  5. Thad

    Today's find. Rupp sprint?

    I thought this was missing a lot of stuff When I picked it up today. I looked it over and it's not as bad as I thought. Still has the plastic chain tensioner on it. It's broken but there. When I saw the big hole in the frame with a possible missing jack shaft I panicked. If it's a sprint it's...
  6. trailramdan

    technology linkages

    Pretty sure I am missing all the gov. Linkages? Can I get all all of this and get it to function again?
  7. M

    trike ID

    Hello all, I have a chance to get this trike cheap (I think). Can you help ID it, I think it’s an Alsport something. Its not complete, missing a few small items. The guy is asking $100, figure I can get a little cheaper.
  8. countstevula

    1970 mini bike guide magazine

    Looking for the issue with the Terra cat review. I think it's a 1970 year issue. Mac checked for me and couldn't find it, but he's missing the January, may, June, and December issues. Does anyone have it and would like to sell that issue?!
  9. H

    Heathkit owners, help

    Having some issues getting my axle shafts alignment so the wheel is center. The wheel wants to move right and left on the shaft. The drum break bolts to the frame but with it bolted there is no way for me to add the inner nut to set the play. I have to keep shimming the axle shaft and this is...
  10. Thad

    FIMCO mini butch chopper

    mini butch chopper. My sissy bar is broken off and missing. Also missing the chain guard. Any help would be great!
  11. R

    dune cycle mojave 500 290 with twin mufflers.

    About finished restoring this find from 3 years ago in a barn in South Dakota. paint, seat, and wiring left to do. All complete but weathered. However, the torque converter is missing. Anyone know what was on the motor or if a modern replacement is available? Will post pictures as soon as...
  12. C

    Old Horstman clutch springs

    Hello, Any one have any springs or know where I can find two or more for an older Horstman Clutch? It has three shoes and three springs. I got it on an old mini bike and two springs were missing. Seems in pretty good shape. I would like to try it. Thanks for any info! chrismh
  13. S

    Today's CL find

    After selling all my Cats and my long held stash of Cat parts, I got sucked back in by this one. Needs a rear fender and the 2 speed parts, and a clutch cover. She's a good solid old Cat that needs saving. I'll be searching for the missing parts for it while I finish my Aggie 97.
  14. F

    murray track 2 project

    Hi, I am new to the mini bike world I just bought a used murray track 2 bike off of craigslist yesterday, and it needs a little work I was curious if it would easier to just put a new engine or work on the one that's on it now which is a 3.5 hp Tecumseh. I know it needs a carb rebuild for sure...
  15. outcrydrummer

    1974 Alsport Trisport RTS 340 SL Restore / Rebuild thread

    Ok so I have decided to finally create my own thread instead of hijacking the few trisport threads going now. So to kick things off I want to say that I'm not going to restore this as an original trike, the parts are just way to few and far between to even think about going all original, not...
  16. 6doggie3

    HELP!!!! Bonanza forks

    Need some ideas for straightening some forks bent between the triple trees. They are welded to the fork mounting bolt and nut with part of the upper tree missing! I don't want to try grinding down the welds and losing more material?
  17. buckeye

    What am I missing on carb?

    This is my favorite Briggs engine. The only issue I have, the screw that holds the choke to the carb body gets loose and I am afraid I am going to loose it. I tighten it as tight as I can. To the point that you can barely engage the choke. The issue is, as soon as I close the choke, the...
  18. 2

    '67 Briggs 5 HP hesitates on throttle, missing mystery carb screw

    Hey all, getting closer to having the tote goat running decently but I've run into a snag. I had the engine running (read: idling) well, but when giving it the throttle, it'll accelerate for about 5 feet and then the engine starts hesitating. If I stop and let it idle for a bit, I can get...
  19. H

    Missing throttle piece on 5hp BS

    I rebuilt the carb over the winter and upon firing it up for the first time today I noticed I am either missing a piece, or put the carb back together incorrectly. The L shaped piece that the throttle cable is connected to does nothing. Moving it all around there is no change in engine...
  20. Miniwood

    Frustrated missing

    Briggs 3.5 flathead was missing. Rebuilt block with new piston rings and lapped valves! Good compression! After rebuild had to pirme carb to get it to start each time i would start it! Would stay running but a little sluggish and very laggy! Cleaned carb and tank , pick up tube firm...