1. S

    missing post

    can anyone tell me why my post/thread/ad,,was deleted ? ty
  2. M

    spyder build missing a few things

    hey hows it going im looking for some ruttman spyder fenders and a round gas tank chromed or un chromed dosent matter im trying to post pics of the bike
  3. trailramdan

    Trail ram with a buncha missing parts

    Fat tire mini bike
  4. tex-41

    Am I missing something?

    Ok, so I'm new here, trying to get a feel for the community. Could someone clarify the base of members here? I'm really into Honda Z50's, but it seems like they're frowned upon here? :shrug: I'll be honest.... I had never heard of a Rupp, Taco, or Azusa mini bike until about a week ago...
  5. SimpleTom

    Am I missing something here?

    I'm not familiar with Kohler engines but does it look like the crankshaft has been cut off and he has the clutch mounted to the camshaft? :shrug: Cool Mini-Bike
  6. 6

    baja mini bike 196cc missing all throttle linkage

    hello im new here, so i have a question...i bought a basketcase baja mini bike 196cc mini bike from a friend of mine for 5o bucks...the person he bought it from had taken all the throttle linkage off...so i am left with just the carb and the governor arm sticking out of the top of the engine...
  7. J

    What am i missing on my cat

    If u have the part im missing let me no Sent from my Vortex using Tapatalk 2
  8. M

    Anything missing here? {Throttle}

    Throttle has never been hooked up. Was a NOS engine. Thanks in advance...
  9. outdoorguy

    Missing Preditor

    New Preditor (212) with an occational miss. Starts easy and idles well, but under load and especially when accelerating will miss. Tried to find a replacement plug for the Torch but could not come up with a match at FF. What are your suggestions? outdoorguy
  10. R

    Missing Keystone minibike parts.

    I was given a 73' Keystone with the 49cc Tas 2 stroke. It was missing the rod that goes thru the drive shaft to activate the clutch. I had it running last fall using some 3/16 rod, but would like to make up something close to the original. If any one has access to this part I really would...
  11. bigevilone2

    What am I missing here ?

    Must be gold inside that plastic tank ! LOL ! :out: Vintage Tecumseh gas tank Ruttman Bonanza Mini bike go kart Spyder | eBay
  12. patrick2260

    Am I missing something from my Doherty Brake Lever?

    I bought this Brake lever from this vendor. Links are posted below. Don't I need some kind of cable anchor or retainer that inserts directly into the lever assembly? Right where the conduit meets the lever? I have both parts I posted below. The step retainer is too big and I'm just not sure...
  13. joekd

    TAV backing plate missing a tab?

    I got in my TAV from BMI last night and as soon as I unpacked the box I noticed something odd Looks like the tab on the bottom right which holds the cover on has been cut off (can see where I circled it in the 2nd pic) Any idea why someone would cut this arm off? Part of me says the cover...
  14. MisterRoboto

    torque converter missing springs?

    i got this tc off a ohh60 and its rough but i got it apart and it doesnt have the springs/weights i tryed to look up parts for the maxtorque converters but the pics and listings i found looked like these ones dont have the springs. so is this missing the springs or does it not need them...
  15. A

    missing choke lever

    I just bought a Baja carbon with a 6.5 hp clone, it did not have some parts. I have found a gas cap, cleaned the carb and ignition, and got it running. The clutch sticks but after taking it apart and cutting the spring about a 1/2 inch that now works ok. The issue I can't seem to get right is...
  16. furyus

    Dude is missing his calling...

    Should be in used, er, previously enjoyed auto sales. 3 1/2 TECUMSEH ENGINE WITH NEW CLUTCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! | eBay furyus
  17. J

    HS40 flywheel missing

    Picked up an Horizontal HS 40 complete, minus recoil shroud and flywheel. Coil/points set up mounted under flywheel. Can anyone tell me if the Horizontal 3.5 alluminum wheel will interchange? Thanks
  18. turftech 1

    HP question, and am I missing something easy?

    Hi all, First off, I gotta say that the OldMiniBikes Warehouse is just awesome, talk about some great prices! OK, I am looking at "building" my first GX200 clone this spring/summer. It will power a home made mini, and I want it to have a bit more HP, and speed than the stock clone I used and loved...
  19. ogygopsis

    I must be missing something

    There's a fellow on ebay; item #220710644070: selling a pair of 4.10x3.50x6 (rare) NOS Carlisle double Indian head tires for $125.00 plus $18.50 shipping. What are double Indian head tires and what makes them worth that kind of money. The hell with gold; I'm investing in tires. Ogy
  20. leathernun666

    Am I missing something here ????

    (Lil Indian lrg Springer mini bike minibike) What is going on with these prices lately :shrug: