1. B

    new project i hope

    i just picked up a suzuki t100 enduro, its complete, but doesn't run, and no title, but complete, i ck'd dmv, i take it for inspection, they do their thing, then take paper work to my insurance co. for a surety bond, then back to dmv to get title created, sounds simple enough, just foot work...
  2. J

    New project

    Hello everyone. Found this neat website while searching for info on a minibike frame. The pics of old minibikes remind me of my brothers and i riding through the neighborhood back in the 70's. My project will be restoring the frame, and possibly mating the 5HP Briggs currently mounted on the old...
  3. R

    Baja Warrior project

    Recently picked up the older Baja Warrior. Replaced tje stock 196cc engine with something a little hotter!.. I also want to give a shout out to member OND for the custom header. Thanks :thumbsup:
  4. Doodads

    Manco Trailcat Project

    Manco Trailcat Project Frame has had work around engine plate and had neck tube replaced (pictured). Not beautiful and needs some more but I believe it's straight and strong. Forks are free and straight and have had work at bolt holes (pictured) wheels are nice and have been blasted and have...
  5. B

    my rupp project

    i have the original torque conversion set up but do not know how to assemble it properly and i am lost as to how to put it together. the 212cc prediter engine on it has an oil leak. its running down the crankcase cover out of the crankshaft bearing on the drive train side...
  6. Daniel Coop

    Oops, I did it again...Brought home another DB30S (New Project)

    Well, here I go again. Found this Doodlebug discarded. That's right...It was free 99! It had been crashed a little bit (front fender and right side handlebar) and it's puny 3HP motor is seized up and missing it's recoil starter. I was happy to put it next to my first finished full...
  7. W

    my first project, found a keystone

    After 25+ years in the vintage snowmobile hobby its time for a change. This keystone was owned since near new from a friend of a friend that bought it for his daughter . This is my first go at a total resto on a mini bike and I've noticed a few things different than snowmobiles, it's much...
  8. Zooming993

    1967 Taco 22 Project

    My 67 Taco 22 project is just about done. I haven't decided on a color so I'm leaving it raw for now. I purchased the frame & forks from a fellow member along with the NOS 5" wheels. I also purchased a new seat and a few other items from Taco (Joe). I also rebuilt the West Bend 580, new...
  9. F

    Newbie with new project

    Hello: New guy here with a new project. I just stumbled on to a Super Bronc at a swap meet, after looking for years for an affordable fat-tire minibike project. I'm planning on running a Predator 301 with torq converter, but have some questions. I'll need plenty of advice so hopefully I can...
  10. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Project #14.854 --Big block Rebuild

    What do you get when you have a tired H60 block that can't be bored 0.020 over? You get Project 14.854 (cubic inches, that is). I'm going to resurrect two H60s--one with a stock bore with new rings and the second bored to accept an H70 piston with an H60 crankshaft. The plan is to build them...
  11. F

    WTB Pair of vintage 6inch slicks for the front of my project, 12x3.50x6

    please text me a pic of what you have. thanks flem 419-348-9850
  12. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H70 Project Engine - Lighted & NOS Parts

    Two lots for sale here: 1. Tecumseh H70 Project Engine - Lighted Model H70 130305 Serial 10330 Tec H70 with little cylinder wear. Took off a Mini 30 years ago, to soup it up, one day, and never got to it..Disassembled and put in a bucket in the shed. 3/4 keyed and tapped crank, 2 1/4...
  13. F

    high school welding class project

    Hi all, I teach a small engine and welding class to high school students in Lubbock Texas. We are building a mini bike as a class project. We are looking for some bonanza 1300, or similar parts to complete a project. We are looking for the following parts: Used Complete front fork...
  14. FOMOGO

    Super Bronc project has begun

    Well I cleaned up the work area and put away all the Honda Rancher parts. I have a Rancher that I picked up cheap. By the looks of it when I bought it, it had been swamped. Well sure enough it had been Baptized. Broke rod and all. Spins freely though... So I have a Spare motor to fix it but I...
  15. Gatecrasher

    Kawasaki KV75 Seat Restoration Project

    I came across a 1978 KV75 basket case a couple months ago and bought it just for parts for a good price. I sold some of the parts I didn't want or need on eBay and recouped all my money plus a few bucks and still ended-up with the stuff I wanted like the wheels, carb, engine, and seat. I like...
  16. HarleyJJ

    just picked a Tecumseh for my Cat Eliminator project

    I've been looking for a Tecumseh for my Cat project and just picked this Toro 421. I know I will need to ditch the electric start, find the proper shroud, air cleaner, Throttle hook up, and paint it whit but I think I'm off to a good start!
  17. R

    just bought a project bird nighthawk

    Hi- just picked up roller nighthawk. probably a long term project but sure i will be looking for help and parts. anyone have a seat for it? - Rich
  18. joebiodiesel

    Roadster project help

    I've got my Rupp roadster torn apart and getting ready to put it back together. The wheels are rough. They were originally painted silver, as you can see here. So were the tires. There was some pretty good rust under the tires, but it blasted off pretty well. I plan to cover the...
  19. R

    MTD project

    Many thanks to those who helped me identify this ugly little treasure which I had finished quite some time ago and had never gotten around to posting a picture or two.
  20. R

    EBAY LIL PETRO PROJECT (Cheap project)

    So far Cheap with a couple days to go Lil petro mini bike Little Petro ?Vintage Mini Bike Tanaka | eBay