1. WrenchDad

    DIY paver brick sidewalk project.

    Well after some advice on the best way to cut paver brick a month and $61 dollars later I have it done. this was my first time doing this and I was on my own. I started it Sunday afternoon and finish Monday afternoon (about 10hr's total). My plan was to re-do the old limestone sidewalk with...
  2. boatguy

    Project Change

    It's funny how we go day to day working on our hobby and collecting enough projects that we will have to live to 200 before they are all done and suddenly your focus changes.Last weekend I found out that an old hydroplane racing buddy has serious colon cancer.In the 1960s he build with his dad...
  3. S

    Alsport Project for sale

    Hi Everyone, Making room in the shop. Alsport project with MOST of the good parts all together. Engine turns over and not frozen. Was told it DID run when I purchased. I don't know all the specs like all of you, so sorry if I don't get all detailed. Email me for Pics. Would be a FUN...
  4. gearnoggin

    Sensation Mini Chopper project

    Hello all. I haven't posted in a while. Still working on my Lil Indian Sabre. Just ordered new tires and an OldMiniBikes clutch brake kit for it off ebay. Found myself another project last week. My cousin has had this Sensation Mini Chopper sitting on his porch for about a year since he lost interest in...
  5. P

    Baja project

    I picked this up for $50 a few weeks ago and decided that since it needed a new back tire that I would just go on ahead and redo it all . Waiting to get the frame and fenders back from paint but heres a few updates from start to finish . In hopes of having it back next week to get it back...
  6. HolyFrijole

    Small Project

    I bought a 79cc Predator to build a small lil Indian size bike. Today I made an adapter to fit a flange and K&N style filter I had. It was a small project but a lot of trouble for such a small thing. Next is adapting the 3/4" two chain clutch to the 16mm shaft, oh boy!
  7. JohnnyTillotson

    Powerdyne Chopper Project

    Traded the Power Bee 500 Rookie Kart trainer motor to my friend who has had this chopper rotting away in the bushes for years. Had to cut thick vines off it to even wheel it out. Got her all apart and started cleaning and a' strippin'. Those aluminum Stellar wheels...
  8. M

    WTB: Project mini bike roller in MA DB size

    as the title says I am looking for a doodle bug size roller to a project. I have a motor so really just need the rest of the parts. let me know what you got! I am located in the Boston area
  9. S

    all brand new box stock project engine parts

    all these parts are brand new never used bsp 3 cam 20 bucks complete cylinder head with valves and extra springs 40 bucks race ready carb 25bucks billet air filter adaptor 15 bucks
  10. L

    project Sensation MB-6L

    starting off, this unit was identified HERE to be a Sensation MB-6L with jackshaft. I ID'd the B&S engine to be a 1970. the engine has only 20 psi compression. pulled the head and there is a scored cylinder and a bent valve. so now I have a B&S intek 206 to install.
  11. L

    Stumped with new project.

    Been able to identify every mini I've had till this one, any guesses. I'm thinking at least one wheel and the seat may not be original and can't see any remaining original colors under the thick red paint.
  12. Unknown mini bike

    Unknown mini bike

    Not sure what type this is but it's very close to some Azusa frames I've seen.
  13. YOOP

    Our next project...........1978 Thompson Sidewinder

    Passed on that old twin endgine cat and a couple others that were quite a cruise to go get.Picked this up yesterday close to us,couldn't pass it up for the price I paid.Needs the wood in the transom and floor replaced,but nothing I can't fix.Still solid enough to go for a ride today,runs...
  14. Acolytus

    Honda 250R enduro junkyard find

    While wondering around a North Carolina junkyard, I saw this beautiful Honda 250R enduro in the motorcycle section. It has no title and I believe it's being sold just for parts, but I'm sure buying it as a whole is possible. Does anyone know what year the bike is by any chance? Not sure how much...
  15. cyclopsmoore

    Old Member Back Looking for a New Project

    I joined back in 2010, completed a restoration of my 1968 Cyclops L400, and have been offline for a while. Still have the old Cyclops, and have the itch and a bunch of parts, including a Harbor Freight engine, that need a frame for a home. Looking for another Cyclops frame/roller. If anyone has...
  16. P

    Scooter / Mini Bike project complete!

    Finally completed my Scooter project. I started with a kids push-scooter. This is actually the 3rd generation of the project. 1st was a weed-wacker engine, 2nd was a Toro 2-cycle snow blower motor. This final version... I cut the back 2/3 off the scooter and used a Honda-clone engine and...
  17. U

    New guy with a Boonie project.

    Hey everyone, my name is Blaine. I had a couple mini bikes as a kid and spent a good part of my childhood wrenching on or riding them. I have been wanting to get back into it for a while now that I have a son of my own. So when I saw a Boonie on the side of the road a few weeks ago with a for...
  18. stephensimmons

    A Father and sons 4 wheeled project

    This is not mine but his I'm just posting the pics for him. Now please if you have nothing helpful of nice to say then don't post. The 79cc predator is not leaving the project no time soon. Now for some pics...
  19. minibikin'

    Getting to work on a super special project this week

    A quick back story is my best friend in jr high/high school, Todd has a nephew battling leukemia. I've been very close with him and his entire family for 30 years. Graham is only 6 and has been through more than any should have to with this cancer. I just knew from day one that this kid had what...
  20. Acolytus

    1969 Manco Delta One Chopper almost ready to ride!

    Well I got some good news today! I finally found a motor that will fit on my chopper (even though it's newer) and it runs great! The engine is from a Baja Warrior (196cc) and pushing 6.5 HP I believe. I put a Predator 212cc recoil start on it and started it up! I need to get the right air filter...