1. markus

    another 10" spoke wheel query

    Seems like every bike I pick up is a spoke wheeled bike lately.... Trying to get a budget and plan together for the Indian mt5a, parts are scarce for these things unfortunately. It has 10" 28 spoke wheels. I have 2 sets of 28 spoke wheels Both NOS But they are both wider than what is on the...
  2. K

    Three spoke alloy wheels.

    Hello. Im looking for a supplier who has the pictured three spoke aluminium wheels. The one pictured is off a bike im rebuilding that was manufactured in New Zealand in the early 1970s. Are these still being cast? Were they originally made in the USA? Are they still available with the drum...
  3. D

    10" - 24 spoke Rims

    Does anyone know of a source for the old Sun 24 spoke 10" rims? Repops would work. Thanks Doug
  4. H

    WTB Trail Horse Five Spoke Wheel

    Already posted this but was not clear on my title. Need a five spoke wheel in good condition and other parts I listed in other post. Thanks

    5 spoke mag comparison pics

    Here's the three 5 spoke mags that people get confused with: The one on the left is a Trailhorse mag also used on some others and looks like a mid 70s Z28 wheel. The center one is an Astro style wheel used on Ruttman and Barris bikes as well as some others. Looks like the rounded American...
  6. 125ccCrazy

    WANTED: Trail Horse 5 spoke wheel(s)

    I'm looking for a trail horse 5 spoke 6" wheel or a pair, I have one that I got from Bandit40 and need another to make a pair for a project... I have a nice Ruttman 4 spoke with a new sprocket, new bearings, good tire I'd be willing to do some trading with...The speckles all over the wheel and...
  7. W

    8 spoke 16inch front wheel

    it"s a bushtec sport mag II looks fairly new probably needs bearings Bushtec wheel image by 1800silver on Photobucket taking offers
  8. markus

    10" 24 spoke wheel/s desparately needed

    Still in need of at least one very nice rupp styled 10" 24 spoke wheel for my scrambler project!!!!!!!!!!!! Willing to pay a good price for a real nice wheel/s I have about 4 extra wheels now if you wanted to take any in on trade as well in case you want to keep a bike a roller or something...
  9. B

    Five Spoke Mags on my bike what are they??

    Hello, I'm trying to get this bike going, but the problem is I have no rear brake. The only drums or disks I can find available are four or six bolt pattern and my bike has five spoke mag wheels that split in half and are five bolt pattern. I guess I need a drum or disk that has a five bolt...
  10. rhtmarine

    4 stroke no spoke

    Anyone on this site been to the 4 stroke no spoke minibike race in Pajaro? Bob
  11. F

    Wanted 5 spoke Ruttman Mag wheels for Spyder

    Looking for a set of 6" 5 spoke mags used on ruttman spyders and grasshoppers. Send pics and price to msu96@live.com
  12. george3

    Wanted 10" spoke rear wheel

    wanted 10" spoke rear wheel to match this front wheel.
  13. markus

    24 spoke 10" wheel source???

    Anyone found any 24 spoke 10" wheels anywhere?????? This has got to be the biggest drawback to these stupid Rupps, the crappy ass wheels!!!! I just got another set, they are ok, one will clean up enough that it will be very respectable, but it does have a coupe of flakes. The other...not...
  14. Bigtank05

    Trying to save rusty spoke rims

    this past weekend i tried to clean up my rusty spoke rims. I soaked then in CLR solution and using a wire scrubbing pad. I made some progress and think i can save these rims. What is the best rust remover product that i can find at a store that will help remove the rust. I will post pictures...