1. capguncowboy

    Cylinder Gas tank, star stamped on bottom

    Anyone ever seen this before? This tank has a star stamped in the bottom. I've had a dozen of these in various sizes and formats, but I've never seen any with this stamp on them. I'm pretty sure the tank is NOS and the green paint is original (where's chipped, I can see clean bare metal...
  2. 125ccCrazy

    briggs 3hp stamped flywheel cover 60'S

    needs a couple minor dings finished and the recoil assembly... not rusted out. $15 plus ship
  3. T

    Powell Challenger or Phantom 7

    It looks like a Powell Challenger with a modified rear suspension setup and Comet Torq-a-Verter. It also has front drum brakes like a Phantom 7? Foot rests are angled at the heel? Frame stamped 5025 E. Thanks for the help.:thumbsup:
  4. f150tilt

    Stamped spoke wheel

    What would this be for? Those are not spokes but part of the stamping
  5. Dragbikemini

    1.3 Stamped Rockers and Billet Guide Plate

    6 Hours run time. $15. ($26 new) Located Brewster, NY 10509
  6. old 4hp briggs & stratton easy spin

    old 4hp briggs & stratton easy spin

    there is a ten stamped on the head between two fins
  7. TBailey

    WTB - Stamped pillow block bearing for Alsport trike.

    Need to replace two pillow block bearings on my alsport trike. It is 3 inches between bolt hole centers. 1 1/2 inches wide. 3 3/4 inches long. Written on the top is Roberts SP-47 I have googled all over, and haven't found anything like it. Found a few close, but nothing...
  8. K42karting

    stamped 1.3 rockers?????????????? help!!!!

    i have a stock valve train on my 6.5 clone i want to put 1.3 stamped rockers with 18 pound springs what do i have to do to make them work? i have searched i still dont understand them :helpsmilie: an i going to have to :grind:
  9. Tom S.

    Netflix, Stamped or Metered?

    OK, so this is a small thing, but which mail box do you drop 'em into? My buddy and I disagree on this. The envelope is metered, but one of us thinks the metered mailbox is for pre-sorts. We've each had a postal worker give us an opposite answer.
  10. S

    Trade Azusa stamped drum sprocket

    I want to trade an Azusa drum sprocket for a 72 tooth non drum sprocket that will fit a Tri-Star wheel with some spacing, I cant use the drum for my application I have a 60 or 72 I'll trade even. I dont have pics of both but here is the 72 (backing plate not included) I believe it's the 72. The...
  11. creia

    Number stamped on float bowl nut?

    I have a 2 yr old Tec OHH60 6 HP "Powersport" that has "166" stamped on the bottom of the float bowl nut. Can somebody tell me what that means?:confused: Is that the size of the main jet orifice?:confused: I have a high-flow K & N air filter installed on the carb. What size should the main jet...
  12. SmallEngine H.P

    Number 4 Stamped On Briggs And Stratton Piston

    so i have a number 4 stamped on my briggs and stratton piston and i want to know what the H.P rating on the connecting rod. thanks
  13. J

    Scrub Brake pads, stamped steel ones

    :rolleyes: Made in China,they fit most of the replaceable ones that pivot like on the early birds,Sears,etc. $15 shipped gets you both. regards,Joel
  14. S

    Comet BMI stamped steel jackshaft kit!

    New in box only bolted up never run cover is very nice and has only very minimal scratching from handling, comes with 20tooth 41 pitch sprocket only, use your clutch and get some sprockets and you're on your way! Will work better on a clone or tec. powersport as the briggs tanks cause you to...