1. S

    Trying to find my old home made minibike from 1966 in Sheridan Wyoming

    My dad wouldn't let me buy a motorcycle or have a car, so I did the next best thing. Built my own. Took an old wrecked 80 CC Suzuki trail bike, set the engine on a block and built the rest. A guy named Jim Barker helped with the welding, and I machined the hubs. Got an ID tag from the state...

    1966 Lil Indian 400 Series

    Here's my 1966 Lil Indian 400 series mini bike for sale. It has repop seat, clutch cover, and handlebar grips. The brake, brake grip, and kickstand are original vintage parts. It has a 1970s Briggs and Stratton Flathead 5 hp with a new carb. It is really fast and the motor runs great. New...
  3. H

    Differences between 1964 - 1966 Rupp Continental "Special" models

    I have read that 1965 & 1966 Rupp Continental Special models are the same , if so then what is different on the 1964 model year ? , does anyone have any catalog scans or pictures of survivor or correctly restored 1964 , 1965 & 1966 Rupp Continental Specials ?
  4. Truckasaurus44

    1966 Lil Indian

    I've decided to put my 2014 Build Off Bike up for sale. I don't really want to, but I've got a truck I want to buy and could use the money. She's a 1966 Lil Indian that I restored. I went to alot of trouble to make sure she's as original as possible. Here's the details: 1) Frame - blasted...

    1966 Lil Indian Restore

    Some outdoor pics of my 1966 Lil Indian, not great pic's as far as quality go's ,showing rare Conduit Clamps on rear fender bracket and the original rare Brake Lever and correct NOS Rubber Foot Peg Ends....:thumbsup:
  6. Taco Loco Joe

    Taco 22 forks

    I'm looking for some forks for my 1966 Taco 22. Thanks!
  7. ponytail

    Marking ther spot

    Two of my bikes have Briggs motors (Cat400X & Ruttman Toad) I keep them in our heated basement over our long winter and I've noticed after changing the oil that they both seem to be leaking a little oil, nothing major maybe a couple of tablespoons. One is a 1966 the other from the mid 70's. Is...
  8. Stangrcr1

    1966 Bird Wren

    Yeah, I need the room. 1966 Bird Wren. Rebuilt in my project log. Listed on my local CL here. $500 OBO. Will make a deal to OldMiniBikes members. Shipping is on you.
  9. B

    1966 Briggs 3 HP help

    Hello, still working on the 1966 Taco Burrito. Ran into a snag with the original Briggs 3 HP. 1. New Champion Plug gapped to .030" 2. New Electronic ignition with .010" air gap set 3. Carb rebuilt 4. Tank was de-scaled 5. New 30 wt oil The engine fired up, idled, was responsive...
  10. B

    1966 Taco Burrito gearing help

    This is my first Mini Bike restoration. I'm restoring this for the owner of the company I work for as a Christmas gift as a way of saying thanks, and to take him back to his child hood of riding his Mini Bike. I need some help on selecting the proper input and output jackshaft sprockets...
  11. B

    1966 Briggs kill switch help

    Hello, I need some help on how to wire up a kill switch on a 1966 Briggs 3 HP. I'm mounting the switch to the bars.
  12. B

    1966 Taco restoration, Briggs throttle cable help

    Hello, first post here. I'm restoring a 1966 Taco Burrito. I need help with what I need to hook up the throttle cable to the carb linkage. The cable housing is clamped to the carb, but how do I hook up the actual cable? Thanks!
  13. dw1973

    1966 Valiant Sportsman Senior

    Bought this one not long ago....has a Tecumseh H60 which is the original motor. Wondering how well a Westbend 820 would push this bike? Gonna take some work to make it shine again. Has a title which is cool for riding legally on the roads. Anyone have a Sportsman Compact or Senior seat...
  14. U

    1966 Taco 44 jack shaft

    Can anyone send me a pick of a jack shaft set up on a taco 44. My swing arms have bearings that connect to the shaft. Need to see tha layout. What keeps the swing are from sliding around on the shaft? Thanks for any help! :shrug:
  15. G

    1966 Fox Campus Minibike

    Hi, I am looking for help confirming the year and model of this minibike I bought at a garage sale yesterday. I couldnt help myself as it brought me back to my youth when we drove Rupps and Keystones. It still has what looks like the original battery in a tray under the seat. It has a 4 hp...
  16. Truckasaurus44

    Vintage Class - 1966 Lil Indian

    Truckasaurus44's Vintage Class - 1966 Lil Indian Happy New Year! Here's my 1966! I'm planning to do this one as original as I can. The engine is the original 1966 2.25HP and was originally silver. The fender will be ditched since I doubted it had fenders.
  17. G

    1959 McClean/Husky Big Wheel w/ 1966 B&S 6hp

    Been awhile since I've been active here as I sold the old Rupps I had and now have a few motorcycles, but I've held on to this one. Haven't really gotten anywhere on it, so time to see if anyone is interested. It is a 1959 McClean Big Wheel tractor, one of about 500 made in Indiana. The company...
  18. photo80


  19. taco bill

    taco 44 1966 1/2

    for sale taco44 1st year. frame, fork, shocks and rims. has numbers. frame and fork are in good shape just need sandblasting. rear shocks have minor dings and surface rust. all four rim halfs have valve holes and need to be cleaned up....asking 600.00 plus shipping.......