1. Daniel Coop

    Gabrielle (Daniel) Coop's - "G Thang" Motovox MBX10 - (Chinese Class)

    Daughter/Father team, my daughter will be hands on in every aspect and decision of the build. We were told we could only compete in one class with the bike (although I hoped it'd qualify for 18 under and "China" class) but my daughter decided she wanted to play with the big boys so China class...
  2. ole4

    OKO 24mm flatslide china copy carb

    I just bought one of these to try as they are so cheap. Just wondering if anyone has tried one of the copy carbs and what jetting you used for a clone. I'm going to dissasemble clean up choke area as the vent holes have some flashing check the float level then put it on the flowbench to see if...
  3. L


    Help ID please. has a victor tag on wheels. Crestline decal on cover model mb-6. Is this a China bike. Has a 5 hp Briggs.
  4. Tom S.

    Imagine My Surprise

    I think I've found the only item at harbor Freight that wasn't made in China. It's an adjustable drive belt for my Craigs List table saw.
  5. T

    Firehawk Owner

    Hi all, I just joined I was looking for some info on an old Tomberlin Firehawk trail bike I have bought years ago I don't see much info on these bikes yeah I know "made in China" may not be popular it was a "hand me down" my son to my nephew now needing some repair info on it. I'm a diesel...
  6. D

    China made TAV from OldMiniBikes.

    Has anyone used the China made tav from OldMiniBikes? Is it any good?
  7. MoTo-BunnY

    SPAM ALERT: Fake Social Group "Herve leger" Creation by User "hervelegerstylis"

    Don't see any other way to report this to the mods here, most sites have a "report" function at the page bottom or somethign similar, but I couldn't find any way to point out this idiot who created a fake social group to shill his :chinese: crap.......... :thumbdown: :thefinger: :ban...
  8. T

    Broked stud on a china girl

    Snapped a front mounting stud and tried to drill a hole in the stud so i could take it out whit a counter thread thinggy. Got a shiftkit in it so taking engine off was pain in the:asshole: so tried to drill it in the frame and this is how it looks now:censure:. Any suggestions how to fix it?
  9. The Restore Kid

    china shifter bike CDI stuff

    I got these two heaps.. Pretty sure they'll run, but neither has ignition stuff.. I started looking for a coil till I realized they are gonna be a CDI unit being this new.. The wire plugs are still in the motor, probably jut need everything else that plugs in to make spark..
  10. M

    China made disc brake calipers

    Hi all, I'm looking to convert my Heald Super Tryke from mechanical drum brakes to hyd disc and I need calipers have posted on the parts wanted site but no replies. So I'm thinking of trying the cheap calipers on e bay that are made in China the problem being they all use banjo type fittings and...
  11. Poor mounitng location

    Poor mounitng location

    Manburen (china brand) bicycle computer.
  12. Magnet an sensor

    Magnet an sensor

    Manburen (china brand) bicycle computer.
  13. Speedometer


    Manburen (china brand) bicycle computer.
  14. x-90 rider

    China May 2012

    I made it to Beijing last night. This is a multi-stop trip for the next 2 weeks. Now before anyone gets excited, keep in mind that I do not have time to go to the Lifan factory and this is not a minibike parts trip. :shrug: It is just a normal work trip. :doah: I will try to take some...
  15. dw1973

    Thinking about yanking the 80cc china engine

    I recently bought a used 7-8yr old Monster Joe 80cc ATV for my son. It does not have spark. What should I check/replace? It has good compression. Have an idea of yanking the engine and welding an engine mount plate on the frame and installing a clone GX200 with a Comet TAV2 - will it work???
  16. M

    china made?

    I purchased this for the engine to use on my go-cart I would like to know what it is so i can at least sell it
  17. danc9

    China Flathead....

    I'm in HF two or three times a week, and this is the first one I've seen. It's not a Briggs copy...........
  18. Newoldstock

    Strikes in China

    This video provided by Radio Free Asia. ??????????????? (1) - YouTube Notice the police do not react with excessive force ( no tear gas no rubber bullets ) , and the strikers even help one police officer get back his line. There jave been at least 10 major strikes in China this month...
  19. 5

    New Carburetor from China

    I received this in the mail today. It's a replacement carburetor for Stihl chainsaws. I went test it out and then remembered I have no gas (gas can full of E85).:doah: 0.965" Throttle Bore Inlet Seat is press fit and all alignment pins are casted into the bottom stack.
  20. Oldsalt

    1946 Doodle Bug [Hiawatha...not the China Junk]

    A few years ago an old friend called and told me he has a Hiawatha Doodle Bug. A Cushman he knows old scooters and minis. Asked him how much and he said he would give it to me [he did know how much it was worth but he is an old friend]. He lives right at 1000 miles away so it...