1. H

    What is this hole for?

    The base of the engine has a dip stick toward the front. On the rear of the engine, in behind the clutch is another hole that looks like it should have a dip stick or a bolt closing it off but on my bike it is open. What is it for?
  2. Oldschoolcool

    Which hole on HS50 carb for govener linkage?

    Which of the 3 small holes on the carborater throttle should the govenor linkage be connected to? Thanks!
  3. Sixpac440

    What is this hole for in my Mikuni 22mm Oval Bore?

    Its the small hole at the bottom ... Float bow vent?
  4. BWL

    In the hole measurement?

    How do you guys measure how far in the hole your piston is. I'm thinking of getting an ARC rod for my BSP mud motor build, but I figure why not give it a bump in compression with a longer rod? What do you guy normally use, +.010, +0.020?
  5. JohnnyTillotson

    Intake manifold hole size

    What's the theory behind these skinny flat intake manifolds that hold the carburetor a bit lower than the regular one? I never noticed how much smaller the hole Liz when you hold it up to the back of the engines intake. Is a small hole causing more suction and thus the gas flowing inside faster...
  6. diggers

    What to do with aluminum wheel with bad bearing hole???

    I got a sleight problem on a aluminum rim. Not sure if anybody else ran across this problem but the wheel bearing just slides in instead of tapping it in. I'm sure if I run it the way it is it will just whop out the hole more making it junk in the long run. Any kind of suggestions to do or what...
  7. Sixpac440

    30 Series TAV Spring Hole question.

    There are 3 holes the spring can go in ... I want Hill Climbing/Trail Riding power ... Where should the spring be ...
  8. K

    72 or 60 tooth rear sprocket 5" internal drum 3 1/4 hole pattern

    I'm looking for a rear sprocket in 72 or 60 tooth with a 5" internal drum with 6x3 1/4" hole pattern straight across. All I can find is 4 1/2 drum and the wrong bolt pattern.
  9. ludicrous speed

    need a rear gearplate fits #40 chain for 3 hole hub

    need a rear gearplate fits #40 chain for 3 hole hub,the rim is off a scat cat/taiwan bike. am looking for stock ratio or something close. the model was the sc 114 im looking for new or used on the gearplate and i could use another rear wheel and a brake assembly if anyone has one too. they...
  10. CarPlayLB

    Manco 6 hole rear sprocket

    Hello All, I am in need of a 6 hole Manco rear sprocket, 60 tooth for #35 chain. It needs to be in good shape and matching the 6 hole Manco spacer. I am not wanting a "universal" type sprocket with the oblong holes. thank you!
  11. JohnnyTillotson

    Hole in valve insert

    Is this hole to the left of the exhaust valve part of a compression release system? This motor makes a really weird sound when you turn the crank slowly. Kind like those little novelty cans you used to turn over and it would make the sound of a cow in heat back in the 70's. So I think it's...
  12. V

    Can you buy 3/4 shaft EXTENDER with center hole & keyed ?

    Need longer shaft on the 212cc, The splined hub driver only fits on 3/8" of the end of shaft.
  13. CarPlayLB

    CarPlay's parts extravaganza!

    I have some parts I won't be using, so please take advantage of me! Chrome throttle with grips and kill switch, $15.00 shipped Briggs 5HP muffler (3/4" NPT) for $15.00 shipped Giant Tecumseh aluminum pull start for $25.00 shipped. 8HP I think. Measures approx 6 3/8 from hole to hole
  14. Not so mini bike

    Ruttman spyder frame

    Powder coated black with blue metal flake. Hard to see but looks good. Matchs the grips I have for it. Repop seat and serial plate. I have the handle bars but they are painted black. Also have foot pegs but they need to be cleaned. Mount plate has some extra hole but engine should cover them...
  15. D

    Briggs 6.5 vertical shaft

    Okay, I'm stumped. It's not for a mini, but I know you guys can help. I've got spark. It will run when I prime it (or on starting fluid), but it dies shortly after. I have cleaned the carb vigorously two times. There is no leak between the carb and block, and I know the main jet is clean because...
  16. B

    three hole sprocket

    WTB three hole mount 2 3/8" center to center- 60 tooth -35 chain rear sprocket for 4" wheel. Any out there?
  17. JohnnyTillotson

    Srars Roper Foot Brake question

    Where exactly do the springs go on this thing? I think there would be one from the hole to the other hole on the left? Or all the way to the engine mount? Also, the only way the brake plate stays off the tire is if I apply pressure right where my thumb is here. So there must be a...
  18. J

    Rupp 6" chrome ring with hole

    Looking for a very nice chrome trim ring with the air fill hole. Pic and price if you have one your willing to sell. Thanks, Joe
  19. markus

    Tecumseh carbs, primer bulb vs. non primer

    Cleaning up my excess parts and going through carbs right now, lotta junk :laugh: I had read in a thread awhile back about someone having an issue with a primer bulb style carb when they simply capped the inlet...it made the carb flood out. I thought that was a strange thing to happen...
  20. W

    Catch Can

    Bought a new catch can for go kart with a Briggs Flathead, Old can had a inlet for hose and a outlet with a filter clamped on it, looked to be homemade. The new one has a inlet for the hose and then another hole with a elbow fitting, can I hook the inlet hose up and just plug the other hole up...