1. R


    What year would this motor be H 35 Lighted 452110F Serial #814412726
  2. J

    Aspera HT25 motor needs to run!

    I have a 1968 Fantic Broncco Tx-3 with the Aspera motor. The motor turns easily and I think nothing is really wrong with it other than it has sat for nearly 20 years. I've cleaned it up, strip off the paint, installed a kit in the carb and also installed new coil, etc. I really need to find...
  3. K

    new Pack mule help

    Pickup a Pack Mule over the weekend Its missing the motor and clutch old guy I got it from told me the quit running years ago so he took it off and though it away so I need to come up with a clutch it has a sliding motor mount the so it need's fixed driving clutch/pulley the belt is about 3/4"...
  4. DBMonster85

    60's 3hp briggs help please

    This motor came on a ruttman spyder I bought and was pretty rough. I decided to try and bring it back to life only because I'm addicted to mini bikes now. Thanks guys!!! Lol. Anyway it's all apart and now I'm wondering can I even get parts. I was thinking of just getting new rings and a gasket...
  5. nds1968

    Sears Tarentula

    Not mine but I sure could use the motor :wink: Don't know anything about these, is this bike original? For sale sears tarentula minibike
  6. Acolytus

    Vintage Briggs and Stratton 2.5HP "Easy Spin" engine!

    One of the mini bikes I bought a few days ago has this old Briggs and Stratton 2.5HP "Easy Spin" engine. I cleaned the external parts a bit and found a serial/model number on the side. It says: 80102 0168 01 6802191. Can someone help me track this down to the year this motor was made and what it...
  7. M

    Mini Chopper. Need help Identifying, make and parts

    Hey guys, I just picked up this Mini chopper frame at an Auction and im not sure who made it. It has disk brakes. The front one is Hydraulic and the rear one is mechanical. It came with the rear wheel on backwards. Looks like someone was going to put on a different motor with the shaft on the...
  8. dakota

    Briggs 3hp i/c motor

    Briggs Stratton I C Series Horizontal Shaft Engine 3 HP "Starts Runs Well" | eBay
  9. O

    Jacobsen 321 2 Cycle Engine Parts

    Doing a little spring cleaning. All parts appear to be from a Jacobsen 321 2 cycle engine. Some of the parts may fit other models as well. All parts are untested and in good used condition. Parts are Located near Detroit, MI 48088. Discount given if you can pick up and pay cash...
  10. ZR9B

    Honda help?

    Picked up another Honda...72 SL 125. It needs a motor...About 3 months ago I bought a 65 CT90 off a guy I know and he said he had a SL that has been parked since 76 or so ...after looking for a motor with no luck I told him I would pass...So the other day he shows up at the shop and says..its...
  11. Richard Trotter

    JLO powered Tote Gote R750

    This R750 Tote Gote came with the motor plate specifically for the JLO Rockwell motor. The top frame rails were 'bowed' to fit the head of the large motor. We found a 292 JLO (same size as 340 but smaller bore) to fit. we still have lots of work before we can ride it, but at least we got to mock...
  12. tbird

    Just picked up another DB30

    Just picked up this really nice Doodlebug DB30 for $100 off of Craigslist. It had the original motor on it (he said it didn't run but I just cleaned the sparkplug and it fired right up) and he also threw in a 5hp Honda motor. I had a spare Predator motor sitting around so I tossed it in. Runs...
  13. kruger

    help!! clone won't spin freely

    I recently built a clone with all the goodies , cam, springs,arc rod,flat top piston, anyway I ran the motor for like 20mins then I notice it was leaking oil out the side cover gasket. I removed motor from the bike and broke the engine down , I wanted to check torque on rod & switch cam &...
  14. C

    McCulloch Racing motor needed!

    I need a Mculloch racing motor, let me know if you have 1 for sale.
  15. Scooterh

    Super bronc find and re-build

    I found this 1968 heald super bronc on craigslist. Scooped it up for a good price. Came with everything minus the motor. Even a TAV. Now I'm gonna make some small changes an put her back together.
  16. Fatboy04

    Mtd Western ss300

    Mtd Western ss300 for sale I have a MTD for sale it has a Honda gx200 6.5 HP motor on it as you can see. The only mod I can see is a foot peg bar bolted up front. Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and will not ship $400.00 CASH with motor $200.00 without motor
  17. J

    You ALL missed out on this Mike Bike......

    Saw this in the cl ebay forum a while ago. Sat ther, sat there. Yes it's in Maine.... Yes I'm 'M in Maryland. Talked guy(for a fee) to deliver it 4 hours away to my dad...... Motor is off because he had a 5hp on it that I cut out of the deal. It is all otiginal... And will stay that way.
  18. hemigremmy

    Predator dimensions or technical drawing?

    Does anybody know where I can find actual drawings of like the clutch side view of the motor, the top overhead view of the motor and the valve cover side of the motor? I need these for a project I am working on so I can figure up motor mount locations and clearances for sprocket and frame...
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    Starter motor

    Looking for Tecumseh starter motor part #35765A for H60. I see them all over Ebay for approx $50 - $70 new. Hoping to find one quite bit less than that. Can be used. Thanks
  20. Fatboy04

    What is it ?

    It came with the motor, but I would like to know what the frame is ? Thanks in advance.