1. O

    Vintage Motorbike Club meet in Portland Indiana

    The Vintage Motorbike Club of America will be holding their 45th annual meet in Portland Indiana at the Jay County Fairgrounds on July 20th thru the 24th. The gates actually open on or around July 17th for early birds and is open to all types of bikes from bicycles to minibikes to scooters to...
  2. Xander

    VMBC Portland Indiana

    Hi All Anyone going to VMBC Portland Indiana this weekend. Its a great swap meet mindless ride. No structure unless street legal. Xander
  3. FordGalaxy

    Any one in the portland area?

    minibike mini bike pocket bike Not sure but it looks like an old fox
  4. J

    Minibikes, Tecumseh, Briggs, Engines & Parts For Sale In Portland, Or.

    I have a large pile of Minibikes, engines & racing parts for sale. Including ARC stroker cranks, billet flywheels, rods, pistons, Tillotson carbs, intake manifolds, Bonanza fenders & chain guards, etc. Literally too much to list. Looking for a local sale. Everything must sell at once. Serious...
  5. glenn baine

    Portland 2014

  6. K

    Portland OR C/L Fox mini bike?

    just seen this on C/L 70's vintage Fox Mini Bike
  7. MoTo-BunnY

    SWAP MEET: Portland, Oregon @ Expo Center ~ Fri / Sat / Sun, April 4, 5, 6 2014

    50th Annual Portland Swap Meet Friday, April 4th - Sunday, April 6th, 2014 Location EXPO CENTER, Hall A,B,C,D & E + 500,000 sq. feet of outside space Hours Friday: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Saturday: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Admission Friday & Saturday: $7 General Admission...
  8. J

    2 minis for sale in portland , OR

    Up for sale I have 1 db-30. I moved into an apartment and haveha No room to keep them. First one is a db-30, it has a 6.5 HP blue clone engine in it. It starts right upha And is very fast, even for a 220 lb. Adult. It has uninfilter, and chain guard, And max torque cluth. Very nice and...
  9. smallbikes88

    1936 cushman portland find!

    Ok I wanted to post pics of this sooner but I have been very busy working on a lot of things! I finally painted it and took some pics. I bought this bike in Portland Indiana, at the scooter show. I belive its a 1936 to 38 Cushman milk delivery? I belive it had a different seat and enclosed...
  10. W

    Portland show find

    I bought this roller at the Portland show. At first glance I thought it was a Tote Gote due to the similar drive arrangement but then noticed many differences. Has a spring loaded latch to hold the stand up, roller bearings in the front end, extra pulley on the first jackshaft, front and rear...
  11. W


    My wife and I spent most of the day at the Portland meet yesterday. GREAT SHOW. Saw more Cushmans and Whizzers than I thought still existed along with Mustangs, Salsburys, and others. Even saw a TRAG up close. Wish I had taken a camera to get close up photos of its drive set up. Got ideas...
  12. Mean Dean

    taco bought at Portland ,ind. show

    Bought a taco today at Portland ,
  13. Mean Dean

    Heading to Portland for two days

    Anybody need something back from Portland. I am taking My Truck and small trailer. I am bringing my Mini Go Joe and My Rupp Trucker for sale. Dean
  14. glenn baine

    Am going to portland anyone else ?

    my wife and i are going for opening day and Sunday. am hooked now :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Awesome barn find '27 Pontiac in Portland OR

    Pontiac : Other - Rip Van Winkle Barn Find! in Pontiac | eBay Motors This thing would look great sitting next to my '37 Pontiac. Too bad I'm not rich.
  16. Frank Davis

    Lil Indian Portland, Or

    Looks like a lil' Indian for sale as a package, but will separate....Portland, or craigslist pqsqp-3525332258@sale.craigslist.org
  17. 1

    Greatings from Portland, Or.

    Hi all new to the forum. There are some awesome mini's owned by the members. I am currently going though a second childhood. :scooter: Grew up in Van Nuys Cali. and used to hang at Delta Pit Stop all the time. (and wish I could take one of the Taco's home) Well I will be 59 in a couple months...
  18. R

    Hello from Portland, OR

    Hello All, After a 15 year hiatus I am getting back into the wonderful world of minibikes. Currently I am building a "Frijole" clone and am very thankful for all the excellent information on this site. Sadly, it seems there is not a lot of organized minibike events here in the northwest. Am I...
  19. aarron

    RE: Portland, IN

    Has anyone heard of a meet over at Portland, IN 1st part of September?
  20. Dick DeBuse

    Strange one at Portland

    This was for sale at Portland this week. McCulloch engine and 2 speed transmission. Anybody seen one of these before?