1. S

    Who has scratch built a frame?

    Im looking for any tips and ideas on building a classic style mini bike frame from scratch. I live in the uk so finding a classic frame is near enough im possible! I have access to my own manual conduit bender and welder, but i would love to hear from anyone who might of built there own frame...
  2. P

    New scratch build, need some info

    I have acquired all of the major parts to start my build, and now need some info about frames sizes. My goal is to essentially clone a 70-74" Rupp bike with the motor cycle style frame, but the problem is I have no sample available for me to examine. Although it won't be a carbon copy, I would...
  3. Ruppelstiltskin

    Cost effective / Good idea to build GX200 from scratch?

    I'm thinking for the future on my Rupp that a GX200 would probably be the best setup. Its already got a GC160 which runs fine for now but I don't think it will hold up to much use with the aluminum bore. I been watching craigslist but not seeing any good deals. I noticed that they sell bare...
  4. jeep2003

    Utility Bike from Scratch

    Im building a Utility bike from scratch using a 5hp honda gc160 and torque converter. The tubing is all 1.25" mostly from a couple pressure washer frames. The frame will be rather intresting. The giant swingarm will hold the engine and everything and there will be a tray above the back wheel to...
  5. jdogg

    Jdogg's scratch built Frijole anything goes 2016 OldMiniBikes build off entry

    A big thanks to Hent and Viki for hosting this again!! Thanks to Bill and Pat for modderating!! And thanks to Eric (OND) for bending up my frame!! Truly a great guy to work with!! :thumbsup: The frame I believe is stretched a little bit to accommodate the forward jug design on the 125cc 4 speed...
  6. Scratch built mini

    Scratch built mini

    Garage scratch built mini build
  7. jeep2003

    VESPA Scooter Scratch built by Jeep2003

    This bike will be a scooter looking like an old Vespa but smaller. Im using 4" wheels from an Arco. The engine is an old 2 stroke Tecumseh I think from a little snowblower. It runs good and seems powerful enough. I filed down the shaft to fit the 5/8" clutch. The old one was small with a big...
  8. jeep2003

    Another Scratch Build by Jeep2003

    Time for a new progect so I puled out this frame I built a few years ago when I first got my bender. Im using a beauitiful old original 1964 Briggs. Its a tight squeeze on the air filter I might have to spread the frame a hair to keep from wearing on the paint. But im going with a 6" manco in...
  9. Fab-Man-1

    My First Mini Bike Project

    The pics are a few shots along the way during my build. I fabricated everything at home and used a Honda GX160 from a pressure washer that blew the pump. Engine runs great. The bike is a real cruiser and a lot of fun to ride.:thumbsup:
  10. jackeo21

    First Scratch Built Bike

    Hi all, We have taken up the task of making our own mini bike from scratch. We purchased a bench mounted pipe bender the other week. I liked the look of the Taco Frijole so we decided to bend one up. It's our first attempt at making a bike so it won't be perfect, and we will run into issues but...
  11. Stangrcr1

    Scratch Class voting

    Only one finished....
  12. Jamie1972

    For the safety of your kid.....

    Here is an example of what you do for your child when he's full throttle heading for the catch fence....... You take a wheel, a tire and fender into the calf muscle ! And he didn't get a scratch
  13. chipper

    2015 mttw , drift trike

    Well seeing videos of these things gave me the itch ! Tube frame from scratch , 20" bmx front end , lightly modded Predator , color scheme and seat style still undecided !
  14. S

    ShonkyDonkey's big(ish)-wheeled clone-powered home-brew bike

    This build is inspired a little by jeep2003's mini big bike from scratch I'm shooting for a bike that will hopefully get around okish in the snow. Parts: Picked up a harbor frieght engine a while ago when they were on sale and I had a coupon so it was under $90. I got wheels...
  15. M

    New and very INSPIRED

    Whats up guys, I'm new to this forum, took me a while to find this one, after doing a lot of reading I think I made a good decision on joining.. lol.. You all seem very knowledgeable and willing to help a brother out.. I'm from northern Illinois right up by the Wisconsin border but I was born...
  16. bicycle design

    bicycle design

    sketch of motorized bicycle design
  17. YOOP

    Scratch build class voting

    If I missed any let me know
  18. wb4rt

    Gramps mini bike build

    I'm building a mini bike from scratch plus Azusa frameless 8" kit and Predator 212 engine. I've tried to read as much as I could before and during the build. Why is it so difficult to find some basic dimensions like wheel spacing, inside frame minimums, etc.? So far I've been working on it for...
  19. firemarshal71

    FireMarshal71's OldMiniBikes-2014 (Scratch) Scooter Build

    Happy New Year OldMiniBikes! Attaching a couple pics of my scratch build scooter for the 2014 build-off. The scooter was designed on JD2 software and inspired by exile motorcycles and a vintage 60's era Savage scooter. Based mostly from the savage profile but in larger proportions to the tires and...
  20. bikebudy

    Scratch Building

    Seeing all these sweet Trikes and Quads make my heart flutter.. I'll build just about anything but, often limited to money and cost of parts, etc.. I Want or wish to have; Fiberglass Chopgun and set up to spray, as well gelcoat. I would do my own molds and Glass bodies. Would like a...