1. jayvansickle

    Just an old kid

    Growing up my family never had money for frivolous things like a mini bike. Had a couple of friends that had mini's. Made me want a mini even more. I recently had a chainsaw worked on and when I went to pick it up I noticed there was an old mini bike sitting outside the entrance and asked him...

    Little kid mega pumped to be in 50cc motocross race
  3. T

    New Kid on the block

    Hey new to all of this I bought a couple of old Scat Cats and work on getting them running, Kinda of living my youth again. Had no idea that finding them and the parts would be so hard. I had one when I was a kid and thought it would be cool to have a couple around for the grand kids. So any...
  4. FloridaMiniBikes

    Bonanza Clone by the bad kid on Toy Story???

    Nice frame. Previous owner added some welds etc for some high speed rides. But before it got transformed......what was it? Note: I'm thinking of using it for a low cost drag bike cause it's sturdy as..... ........but I know I got too much in the shed. As always, thanks again!
  5. P

    What is this

    Ok so a friend of mine drop this off and ask me to see what I can do. I'm trying to find parts and any info would be grate. we r trying to get this going for his kid to ride this summer
  6. H

    Kids being kids on a Rupp Kart.

    This is a video of some kids having a blast on an old Rupp Kart with an MC49. This is what the life of a kid should be like.
  7. apekillman

    So close you can almost taste it...........

    The thread about the guy that "let himself in" the lady's house and took pics of her sons mini bikes got me thinking about this. Does anyone have any tales of seeing or knowing of mini bike / go kart / and related things that you could see, get close to, but not grasp? When I was a...
  8. Ducati Ron

    Revisiting the site and reaching out

    Hey all, Thought I'd add a note since I haven't done much here. I continue to desire to construct an old school machine, but struggle to find anything in my area. I'm near Haubstadt, IN and would like to find a simple frame and wheels, as I have several engines on hand. I have a 1949 REO...
  9. S

    new guy from Michigan

    Hey everyone! My name is Rob, I've been into minibikes since I was a kid, but recently I decided to dig out my old bike outa storage and get it going again (apparently I needed a headache). When i was a kid i had a few bikes and today I just have a bunch of frames odd parts and two shelves full...
  10. Not so mini bike

    Db30 chain roller tensioner assy

    Like it says up there. Had to take the one off my bike for the one I built for a kid. Now weathers starting to change and I need one for mine. Thanks in advance.
  11. Jamie1972

    Arco choppers/3.5hp engine

    Bought the bike for the 4hp engine. Arco chopper with good running 3.5hp tec. Needs throttle and cable. Has scrub brake. Affordable bike for any kid or adult to have fun with. 140.00 pick up only.
  12. whitear89

    67 bonanza bc 1300s aka "the bruiser"

    First off i'd like to say that Im new to the forum and Hello! This is the minibike that my dads boss gave to me as a gift when I was a kid about 15 years ago. When I got it originally the thing was mint!!! But then had a lot of fun on it as a kid and then kinda forgot about it when I turned...
  13. choppedtriumphs

    Newby to the forum ..

    Hey Guys My name is Joe, I live in the Green Swamp area of Florida I usually work on old British motorcycles, I've got a neighbors kid who likes to come over and get under my feet, hand me the wrong size wrench and ask me questions ,.. which is okay with me. So, I Know the kid will never...
  14. T

    WTB - Looking for a Broncco TX-6 bike - any shape -

    Hi Guys - first time post for me on the site. I am looking for a Broncco TX-6 bike - preferably orange. Running or not, prefer original but flexible. I'm in the Ann Arbor area. Please let me know if you have something or thing someone might! This was my first bike when I was a kid back...
  15. R

    Old barn find

    Found this old bike in a old farm out building. I brought it home for some TLC. I have no idea what it is but it looks cool, and also looks like it has a transmission?? Check out the pictures and any help with I.D. will be nice. I"m new to mini bikes but always wanted one as a kid. Thanks...
  16. Windber 2013

    Windber 2013

    Windber/Jared SC kid
  17. Windber 2013

    Windber 2013

    Windber/Jared SC kid
  18. rustINpeace

    New kid.

    Well, I need advice. My eleven year old wants to build a mini bike to mount his horse and a half to. I was thinking an Azusa kit because the price is right. All comments and suggestions are welcome (and needed). Here are some pics of his engine.
  19. KustomKartKid

    No Longer a "Kid"

    Well I guess I was crazy to think I was going to "modify" my name and not get called out on it.....guys on here don't miss a trick :detective: truth is I asked Hent to change it for me as a favor....I realized a while back that people started calling me KKK for short ...didn't think much of...
  20. K

    forks,kid mods

    First i thought about cutting the handlebars off and turning them around then someone said just bend the,im not crazy about that idea.i was looking at the db for a moment and i think i could just turn the forks around?so the handle bars lean out here truckin and ive got to look at the...