1. pirranah

    Long story, but well worth it

    Gunther, Christine and Otto That's awesome. Guy takes his old Benz SUV and lady across tons of countries over the course of 26yrs.
  2. Not so mini bike

    38" long diff axle

    38"long 1" diff axle. Very good condition. No sprocket. $80+shipping
  3. Bonanza Bryan

    How long can a clone last?

    So im in the middle of saving up some money to build a clone to put into my bonanza mx project bike. My question is how long will these clone motors last with some mods? I'm thinking a cam billet rod and flywheel smaller head 22mm mikuni etc.... Im hoping this can be a great reliable motor for...
  4. W

    Long Brake Cable

    Im in need of a brake cable with the conduit at least 65" long and the cable about 70". Longer is fine as long as I can cut it down. Does anyone know of a place to buy these longer cables?
  5. hotroded

    Long island illegal minibike race finally 2014 season

    OK HERE IT IS; 9 am Saturday October 18 The final minibike bike race for the 2014 season Weather permitting if not the 18th it will be on the 19th. It's at 90 knickerbocker ave in Bohemia, same place as before. Please remember the rules with a couple slite adjustments We ask you bring full...
  6. J

    Long frame ruttman wanted

    Anyone in Michigan have a longframe ruttman I just need the frame
  7. mrpat

    Ruttman Spyder Long Frame

    I have up for sale a very nice Ruttman long frame Spyder.i figured I would offer it to the family before I post it on CL. Everything on the bike is new! Frame, forks, fenders, clutch cover, foot pegs, and engine tins are powder coated. Chrome handle bars, chrome header , and chrome springs on...
  8. B

    minibike shops in long beach?

    Anybody know of a place to get parts or that sells mini bikes in this area?
  9. J

    Long frame ruttman wtb

    Looking for a long frame ruttman roller looking to spend 350 or less
  10. cpt.slow

    anybody know why brutepowerpipes has been offline for updating for so long

    how long does it take to edit a freakin page. i just want to order the 4 stage bulge tip clone header
  11. Cuda54

    110" long throttle cable wanted

    Well my grand daughter broke the Tri Rod throttle cable and it is 110" long throttle cable. The barrel end had a kink when I got it I knew it would not last . But we did not have a better one so we just went with it. Anyone know where to find one or a little longer? It has to be 110" long or a...
  12. 5horsebriggs

    110cc engine- long island

    i now have no use for it, i really dont want to ship because ive never done it before, its a 4speed with clutch i personaly have only got it to pop with a homemade wirinng harnes, it needs a sproket cover and a wiring harness, i dont know what to sell it for so i will start at 100
  13. vwfan79

    Long Frame Ruttman Spyder

    Selling my long frame Ruttman Spyder, not 100% sure this is what I want to do but I have other projects I want to finish and this could get that done. Anyways here is what you'll get, very straight frame, 4 spoke wheels, new tires, 5 new bearings, new tubes, new axles, new wheel spacers, new...
  14. Harleys Papa

    Bonanza Long Shot

    Has anyone got a neck tube for a Bonanza :shrug:
  15. markus

    Bonanza long jackshaft 1400 series

    Looking for a long (10 3/4") Bonanza jackshaft for the 1400/1410 style bikes used with the outboard sprocket. mine is still useable if I reverse the way it sat (the bearings ate into it a little bit over the years) but would like a new one, and I dont think I will be able to make the cuts for...
  16. Mean Dean

    Just Stolen Ruttman Long Frame Spyder

    This one was just Stolen This Morning Around 3:30 to 6 Am. Reward $$$$ 1975 Ruttman Spyder Long Frame. Powder Coated in Silver. Fenders were also. Handle bars were painted Silver also. Custom built Honda Clone. Seat is Black Pleated with Charcoal Glitter sides. Mikuni Carb. Everything was...
  17. M

    ruttman long frame spyder

    not shure if i should paint it powdercoat it any ideas
  18. D

    Been a Long Time

    Yes it's been a while . I just bought another Sears Trail Tamer , need a clutch cover, anybody have one. Thanks Tommy
  19. markus

    NOS Tecumseh fuel cap gauge long

    I don't know if some of the larger trail bikes with bigger tanks could make use of this or not. I will offer it for awhile and see before I cut it down. this is the cool non moving parts gas gauge fuel cap, 1 1/2" threads like the standard tec tanks use. It is the longer version though and...
  20. turbojerk

    bonanza chopper minibike long island ny

    Bonanza chopper mini bike minibike