1. J

    Cleaning out the stash...

    I have to clear out the stash of parts and project bikes that I have accumulated over the years.. 2 Boonie rollers, 1 incomplete Rupp frame, 2 Briggs and 2 Honda GX160 engines, 1 Comet torque converter, misc parts. All must go, but selling as a lot, so bring a trailer.. Asking $900 OBO
  2. ReactionTime

    Side Project

    So living in Germany has gotten me bored, my main kart is in America. I only get to drive the thing for about two months around the year, so I decided to have fun with a little side project. I went and looked around till I found a decent, but restorable kart. The kart I ended up buying was an...
  3. P

    Wanted: parts for our minibike project, including horstman torque convertor

    Hi- We tore apart the bike today and although it's all there, we're in need of some parts. Please let me know if you have advice or help where I can get these (I included parts from the OldMiniBikes website where I could find them): 1) carb kit for an automagic carb (Lawson products) for the 3hp...
  4. S

    New old guy with an old project, Simplex Automatic

    Been gone a while, sold the death trap and am now working on this. I'm at the point of figureing out the drive line. The rear pully is 14", the largest pully I could put forward of it is 6" if needed. (see copper ring in pic) I plan on a jackshaft mount that uses the side of motor like this...
  5. T

    Need gearing help with unusual father son project minibike

    Hi everyone, ive been researching extensively and building and rebuilding this "minibike", but keep ending up wit too tall of gearing. When riding it, it feels like a Bonneville salt flat contender. Its a 1984 Suzuki DS80 that I got with no engine. I had a couple of horizontal Techumsehs laying...
  6. The New Guy

    Built on Modified 1960's Powell 3630-D Frame, Ugly but Functional

    I am selling my favorite project mini-bike. My girlfriend and I are getting a place together and, well, you know how that goes. The bike has been an awesome project for me over the past year (check out the entire project log here...
  7. Biffmini

    5hp project

    Picked this 5hp a few days ago It sure need some love. I'm learning as I go any help would be great! I've got a crankcase cover on the way, someone drilled holes in it & the bolts are striped out I can't live with that. I'm going to get ARC rod & loose the gov. The cylinder wall...
  8. Dr. Shop Teacher

    A little project with a few modifications...

    Build details to come at a later date. Externals are mocked up. :smile:
  9. U

    CAT 250 Resto project help

    Hi , thanks for the welcome in the intro forum. Here is my first mini project. I was told it was a cat 250. The foot peg does not look original , but I don't know much other than what I learned here in the last few days. The head has a stamp of 8 d , but the decals look old and say 2 hp. I would...
  10. jeep2003

    Mini Push Mower Project

    I think it will be cool to build this mini push mower so thats what im doing :laugh: Im using a little 2 stroke snowblower engine from an old snowblower and the deck is a lid from a smoker grille. It was too rounded on top for my liking so i cut it out and flipped it over to have a recess for...
  11. nds1968

    1960s go kart project

    Not mine, 1960s. Rupp. Complete kart. With turbine wheels. 2 hp motor needs work. Not running. Overall condition is good would be a nice restoration project. Asking 400. But will take best offer.
  12. j57little

    Sears project...and then suddenly there were Rupp and a Scat Cat projects. What?!

    Hello Everyone, I feel a bit guilty sending out posts as there are many gaps in my knowledge base and I get a lot more help than I can give back (for now), but I appreciate the great help from OldMiniBikes members. I started out with a Sears project. Thanks to Pat in Michigan for pointing me in...
  13. S

    This will be my new street legal project

    I picked this yamaha ysr yesterday with a clean ny title. It has a 1980 something yz80 engine in it.I think it might be a 1987 or 88. The bike is a 1987 first year they made it. I also have a 1988 ysr that I have on the road and drive from time2time.I also added a picture of a 1989 ysr that I...
  14. j57little

    Vintage Sears Restoration Project

    In 1971 I had a Sears mini bike with "swing mount" rear suspension. I'm thinking about trying to rebuild/restore/recreate it, so the frame is probably the best place to start. Any guidance/leads on a frame would be appreciated. And fenders, seats, cables, decals, etc., etc., etc...
  15. B

    My first project - any help is apprietiated

    I picked up this in a barn find for 50 bucks. It sat for 10 yrs not touced.
  16. LSCustoms

    Welding Table Project

    I have been looking to build a welding table for a while, as the ones that are available are pretty pricey and not what I want... the one i would love, my dream table, is way out of my budget... so... since I have the capability to build one... I decided to build one the way I wanted... although...
  17. David wulf

    Project SCAT KITTY

    This scat kitty belongs to my twin brother Douglas Wulf aka XJ ROCK . So what I see is a chance to carve into a scat kitty , hell what could be more fun than to totally molest a prefect surviver . Ok I know what everyone is thinking here he goes again . But this time I got ya , We'er not...
  18. D

    12v for Oil Pump on Turbo Lifan Project

    Trying to finish up my turbo Lifan project. Does anyone have any tips on getting 12v from the stock flywheel to power the oil pump? I read I need a genuine GX160 Honda flywheel to accomplish this. Is this true? Any tips would be great!
  19. RCGuy

    MW VT525 project

    Picked this up from a member. It is now fall in Michigan, time for winter refit. Going to install a model 20 tav setup. Going with an HS50 and underseat tank. Right now I am fabbing up the rear band brake linkage from scratch, about 90% done with that. Hoping to be able to clean up the rims a...
  20. cruhr1

    Speedway Scorpion project is Underway!

    I picked this bike up late this past summer in non-running condition and spent a few months gathering some parts to get it mocked up and running. Overall the bike is in very good shape but it doesn't look nearly as good in person as the picture makes it appear. There is plenty of pitting on all...