1. Dans1970Z20

    NOS New Briggs Raptor 3 in Briggs Motor Sports Tote 135230

    Finally got around to digging out my Raptor 3 engine crate, taking pictures and listing it on eBay. Any questions let me know. Have decided I will never get to my Bonanza project...
  2. Colemanman

    Tilliston Hemi STUD SNAPPED IN BLOCK

    Guys i need your help. I have a tillitson 212 hemi i bought early this summer. I dont frequently change exhausts and i didnt over torque the nuts on the studs. I use a torque wrench. i went to remove the header and put on the stock muffler for noise reasons. So i tightened it up, and I felt it...
  3. W

    Tecumseh H35 engine H35-45348H 1971 Green Rupp Scrambler correct block?

    Hi all, How do I tell if the H35-45348H 1971 Green Rupp Scrambler engine I am working on has the correct block? Thanks, Bill T.
  4. F

    Block Machine Work

    I am doing some performance work to a Tec HS50, would the HS50 flow better if the cylinder block land between the valves and cylinder were machined down similar to Tec 10 HP engines that have angled valves. See attached picture. Tony
  5. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Big Block Carb issues (H60)--runs rich

    Got both of my H60s running today (subjects of an earlier thread). Both have brand new H60 knock-off carbs. After running the solid state H60 back about a month and a half ago, I had way too much fuel even with both circuit screws barely open. So, I reset the floats on both carbs to be a bit...
  6. G

    Slight crack in block... Safe or No

    I have a slight crack in the block where low oil sensor cable leaves the motor...I currently have a 3/8 plug w/ red locktite in the hole.... U guys think im say or should i take some extra precautions
  7. S

    briggs and stratton short block # id

    is there a book or listing of long block #s? like HB -1 491032.....HB 2(491033)..... HB3 491034.......HB 4 (491035.....HB 5 (491036........HB 9(491037.....HB 11( looks like all are horizontal shaft 6 and 8 cubic inch 6100... 80100..... 80200 and 80300 series......6 cu inch is...
  8. slywilliez

    WANTED Big block Tec H50 throttle linkage.

    Need for the bike build off, Big block Tec H50 throttle linkage. Let me know what you have. I have the correct cover, just need the linkage but would be interested in a complete setup also. Thanks
  9. W

    The New Guy on the Block :)

    Hi Everyone from the little town of Reed, Kentucky. I'm 60 year young and the wife & I own 2 mini bikes. The wifes is a Doodle Bug and mine is a Baja MB 165. I was looking for more info on mine & parts for the future and I ran across your forum here. I bought the wifes mini bike a few years ago...
  10. Sixpac440

    Big Block Tecumseh ... what is it?

    50, 60, 70? I have the tag ... Thanks Kevin
  11. 21Actual

    New guy on the block

    Hello everyone! I've just recently purchased my very first mini bike, a Baja MB200 in need of some love. The seller, an old friend of mine is nearly 400kms south of me, but I've made arrangement's to have it delivered for this weekend. He says it does run, but its certainly in need of...
  12. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Project #14.854 --Big block Rebuild

    What do you get when you have a tired H60 block that can't be bored 0.020 over? You get Project 14.854 (cubic inches, that is). I'm going to resurrect two H60s--one with a stock bore with new rings and the second bored to accept an H70 piston with an H60 crankshaft. The plan is to build them...
  13. cruhr1

    HS40 block and slanted intake wanted

    I'm looking for an HS40 block with a good cylinder bore and valve guides that aren't worn out. Also looking for a slanted intake pipe. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Chad
  14. R

    New (old) guy on the block!

    Hi! I'm a Gran-pap and got a bug in my ass to build a mini-bike with my Gran-daughter! I had em as a kid, hell we bent black pipe in the fork of a tree to make frames! We scrounged for every bolt and nut, wheels, angle iron and used lawnmower engines to make our own bikes. They ran, we wrecked...
  15. B

    Doodlebug Big BLOCK>?

    looking to see some Doodlebugs with big block engines gx390's planing on building one but the offset looks bad :( engine sit alot out to the right..
  16. F

    New guy on the block

    I'm the latest new guy on the block. I just got into the minibike scene after buying a Baja Warrior for my son and I to tinker with. I plan on doing some custom work, full builds, and some restorations. I'm mechanically inclined from days as auto and diesel mechanic. I'm also experienced in...
  17. trinik7597

    big block raceseng valve cover wanted

    Just like the title says .. I am looking for a raceseng valve cover for a 390 big block doesn't have to be new as long as it is in decent shape ..
  18. Not so mini bike

    Build small block hemi

    The list goes on and on. Billet flywheel Arc .020 over billet rod Flat top piston Isky black mamba jr cam Gx200 push rods Hemi block Clone 14cc milled head ported and polished SS valves Locks and retainers Champion rockers This is a great running engine. $350 plus shipping I...
  19. T

    New Kid on the block

    Hey new to all of this I bought a couple of old Scat Cats and work on getting them running, Kinda of living my youth again. Had no idea that finding them and the parts would be so hard. I had one when I was a kid and thought it would be cool to have a couple around for the grand kids. So any...
  20. M

    Predator 212 block

    How durable are these Predator 212 blocks? At what point does the block become the weak link? I've seen a few of these motors with 3" pistons, how do they hold up?