1. drenchedgremlin

    Need gasket set for briggs model 80202

    I am rebuilding an old briggs 80202 model, type 1101-01 3 hp engine. I am having a hard time figuring out which gasket set will fit as i cant find parts directly for the 80202. would the 80202 technically be a part of the 80200 series...
  2. DeadPixel

    Predator head gasket on my big bore clone?

    Dose the Predator head gasket fit the clone block? I have a Ducar block bored to 2.765" for using a predator piston. Was thinking and thought it would be better to use the Predator gasket if it fits.
  3. B

    Need Clinton 4 HP head gasket

    Cant decipher the engine ID. est 3" x 5".
  4. Raskin

    Coleman ct200u gx200 clone recurring gasket leak

    Greetings..I am having issue with my gearcase cover leaking from gasket on gx200 clone..I just replaced it a few weeks ago for same issue..I checked pcv breather is clear and hose OK..should I use this sealer along with new gasket? If i use this will it be a real pain to remove it if i got to go...
  5. R

    Copper Head gasket for HM100

    Does anyone know a source for a Copper Head gasket for HM100? I am looking to get a little more out of my old Tecumseh
  6. jeffe

    Carb gasket eaten ?

    This is what was left of my carb to intake gasket on the fat bike. Apparently what I thought was snug on the carb bolts wasn't... Or was this from a backfire, maybe? I think remember my son saying it backfired on him once. Anyway, gasket replaced today, now it idles again... and starts...
  7. C

    Honda GC160 - Carb gasket reassembly assistance needed

    Hi all, I have a HONDA GC160 on a pressure washer. I want to get the carb put back on. Unfortunately when I took the air filter assembly off I took out the long bolts which dropped the plastic insulator and I cant find anything online as to where it needs to go back into the stack of items...
  8. B

    Hs40 exhaust gasket

    Hi everyone! Where can I get a exhaust gasket for my hs40? Thanks
  9. M

    Clone head gasket gx200

    Hi guys will a oem Honda head gasket fit a 6.5hp gx200 clone? Thanks
  10. minibikin'

    Gasket Goons Hot Rod Bash

    If any local friends are looking for something to do this Sunday, IronHonky, Notsominibike and myself will be setting up a minibike display at the Gasket Goons Hot Rod Bash. Sure to be a hell of a good time. Pre 1969 rods and classics, food, pin up contest, valve cover racing!!! Weather looks...
  11. lostinbaja

    8HP Briggs head gasket?

    I have an old (1971) 8HP Briggs that blew a head gasket. I machined the head, installed a new gasket, torqued the bolts. Now that the engine has run and cooled, should I retorque the head bolts?
  12. C

    Predator 212cc Hemi Gasket kits

    I am really confused about where and which gasket kit to buy for the Predator 212cc Hemi. Can some one tell me what to buy? I want to have some on hand. Thanks guys!
  13. nds1968

    Disc Brake Pucks

    What should be used to glue the disc brake puck onto the fixed side? I was thinking of trying silicone gasket sealant, or JB weld if that didn't hold up. Thanks, Nate
  14. D

    Imformation on a couple of Tecumseh's

    I've picked up a couple of tecumseh engines. One is a HS-40 off a old ariens snowblower. Looks in real nice shape and runs. One bolt was hissing like the head gasket was leaking so I took it apart. Everything looks great except the head gasket. The bolts holes are very close to the wall of the...
  15. G

    Need help with my first mod

    I just got that first DB30 with the predator 212 I posted last week, and I want to start doing some mods. I really love all the headers that I see people ordering and putting on. Is this a fairly easy mod for a beginner? I'm totally new to minis, so I don't want to get in over my head. Do I...
  16. B

    Need briggs gasket and seal set for 3hp 81302 engine

    Where are you fellas getting gasket sets reasonable for old 3hp briggs engines ? Model is 81302 flathead. Searched the internet with no luck. Thanks for the help bob
  17. J

    How much can you mill a Hemi head?

    What's the most you have heard of someone milling a Hemi head? An accident at the machine shop may have put me beyond what I can fix with a gasket. How thick is the Hemi head stock as well? Thanks for any info!
  18. P

    Billet rod and flywheel success but still one question....

    Hi all! I managed to get the OEM motor that came with the MB200 back together; start it and not blow it or myself up! :smile: The inductive pickup tach registered a max RPM around 6000; that was at wide open throttle with the throttle linkage pegged to wot. It didn't seem like it could rev...
  19. slam49

    gaskets and parts questions

    im getting ready to go thru my 5hp flathead. the goal is to remove govenor, install arc rod, maybe some new valve springs. thats it for now. in the future id like to keep going and do a cam, lifters, flywheel, etc, but for now i'm just keeping it simple and cheaper.. I am going to a float type...
  20. buckeye

    Lausen diaphram carb

    I am finally getting around to rebuilding the Lausen diaphram carb for my Rupp Scrambler. It's on a Tecumseeeehhhh. I bough a rebuild kit from Black Widow. Everything looks the same but.....where does the needle seat gasket go?? I took the carb apart and I'll be darned it I can figure out...