1. T

    Easiest way to improve braking power? Baja MB200

    Hi everyone, I just got a new Baja MB200. It's fun for what it is but I am already thinking of mods. To me the first and most important mod would be a better brake. I read a thread here on OldMiniBikes where a guy added a front brake... that could be in the cards at some point in the future. But I...
  2. P

    MB200 Baja rear axle size

    Id like to replace the rear axle with a higher quality bolt , someone has rethreaded the end of my axle 9/16 on one end and metric on the other . Looking for the axle diameter , I know its roughly 13.5" long . Thanks PH
  3. george3

    Baja MB200 front axle needed.

    Who has a Baja MB200 front axle? I need one
  4. smallbikes88

    bonanza mb200 with fox lemans racing wheels

    selling as a roller, comes as you see it. It was running fine but I have another frame I want to build so I am letting this one go. all it needs is a motor, pm me for a shipping quote, first $300 gets it.
  5. P

    How much does a used Baja Warrior MB200 go for?

    Hi all. I haven't posted in a long time! I am considering selling my used Baja Warrior MB200. It served its purpose of being something fun to work on/learn from and ride for this past fall till now (little more than 8 months of intermittent use). I've never jumped the bike, but have ridden...
  6. T

    Baja warrior. Street, off road, and dual Tire suggestions, opinions and experiences.

    Interested in getting new tires. Popped my rear tire... And am looking for a good set. I do a lot of on road (mud, hard pack, sand, trails, gravel, roots, bumps and jumps) aswell as off-road riding. Wheelies, racing, fast and sharp turns (scraping pegs :thumbsup: ) I want something that will do...
  7. R

    Baja heat rake

    dose anyone know the rake of a Baja mb200 frame ?
  8. JoePapa

    MB200 - what are front brake options?

    Howdy folks - hope this is the right section. I've got the mb200 with the Predator 212cc motor and a torque converter. The little beast runs out well and I'd love to make it faster but the rear only brake option really sucks. Is there a kit yet for the mb200 I can buy and bolt and go or...
  9. W

    baja MB200 tav jerks on take off help!

    i had an old mid to late 90s jr dragster laying around the house and it had a tav on it and my step dad and i put it on my MB200 its super awesome ran great 2 weeks started it today to ride and go ride my practice track ride it for 10 mins then i shut it off to get a drink of water and then i...
  10. M

    Moding honda GX200 clone

    a friend of mine told me to put a 22-28mm slide dirt bike 2 cycle carb on my honda gx 200 clone. i will make a adapter manifold, wich on of these two would you pick? GY6 Koso Carburetor 28mm 2 Stroke Racing Flat Slide GY6 Moped Scooter Carburetor | eBay PWK Koso 28mm Flat Slide Carburetor...
  11. V

    MB200 John Deere inspired. Any suggestions?

    Have had this bike for about a year now and have wanted to do something to make it stand out. Decide I am gonna do it John Deere style. This is what I plan so APPEARANCE green frame green fenders green gas tank yellow rims...
  12. S

    Baja MB200 Sprocket and Brake Adjustment?

    Guys, I am trying to find a new 50 tooth spocket for my Baja MB200. I'm looking to find a new one for cheap, all of the other ones I have been finding are pretty expensive. Also, I just took down my bike to rebuild and repaint the parts because it was a little beat up from the guy who gave...
  13. M

    Device between carb and air filter box MB200

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum I'm new here. I noticed my new Baja MB200 has this little canister w/ clear tubing and stopper that is installed between the carb and the air filter box. The rubber hosing that is used to connect this device between the carb and air filter box...
  14. Mr.Mini

    Torque converter!

    So I'm trying to finish my mini Baja warrior MB200 but I can't find a place to but a torque converter for it. I thought I had one on eBay but was a fake unfortunately. Just got that sorted out now ready to get one. For real this time Lol. Any ideas?
  15. capguncowboy

    1973 mb200??

    Isn't this just a Baja? 1973 mb 200
  16. T

    trailmaster MB200

    I got my project painted and assembled. Waiting for it to dry out now (standing water). Since the motor is new, can I start in on synthetic or after the break in? Thanks
  17. Mr.Mini

    Please Help

    I just bought a Baja mini MB200 sunday and it was running great, key word was. I took it out in the mud yesterday and rode it pretty hard. After a few hours it just cut off. I left it alone over night and took it out today. It starts right up but when you switch it to ride and pull the throttle...
  18. My cracked fenders!

    My cracked fenders!

  19. Close up of valves, exhaust on left, Intake on right.

    Close up of valves, exhaust on left, Intake on right.

  20. Valve work

    Valve work